10 best TV shows of all time

To many of us, radio is a daily partial of a lives. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a normal American watches 2.8 hours of radio per day. There’s no denying it, we adore to shun to apart worlds, giggle during weird cartoons, and reason a exhale while a favorite protagonists shun zombies – or only ex-girlfriends with scarcely vast hands.

Since we select to spend a infancy of a convenience time this way, PrettyFamous, partial of a Graphiq network, wanted to find a best radio shows out there. We looked during TV shows with over 30,000 votes on IMDb, and afterwards ranked them by a extensive Smart Rating. The Smart Rating is a measure that takes into comment ratings from Metacritic, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and array of IMDb votes, as good as how many Emmy awards a uncover has won.


Many of these shows are still going strong, and have been renewed for mixed seasons. Some charcterised array done a list – one even ranks in a tip five. But it’s a heated dramas that order a radio throne.

#10. Frasier

Smart Rating: 91.54

Kelsey Grammar plays Dr. Frasier Crane (the same impression he played on “Cheers”), a successful psychiatrist who moves from Boston to Seattle and decides to share his knowledge on a radio show. In a 11 seasons, “Frasier” won a record 37 Emmys.

#9. Friends

Smart Rating: 91.76

Throughout a ’90s, 6 friends vital in Manhattan were there for any other, even when “your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your adore life’s D.O.A.” Unlike “The Big Bang Theory,” a expel always agreed upon a same income for everyone. They any began creation $22,500 per part and finished adult creation $1 million per part by deteriorate 10.

#8. Lost

Smart Rating: 91.96

A craft crashes on a clearly forlorn island, and a survivors onslaught to survive. What appears to be a elementary tract becomes increasingly difficult via 6 seasons. Creator J.J. Abrams went on to make sci-fi favorites “Star Trek” and many recently “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

#7. The West Wing

Smart Rating: 92.63

“The West Wing” explores a life of illusory staffers in a White House. In 2001, Martin Sheen won a Golden Globe for best actor in a radio array (drama) for his description of President Josiah Bartlet and a uncover won a endowment for best radio array (drama).

#6. Cheers

Smart Rating: 93.24

“Cheers” was about a bar in Boston “where everybody knows your name.” The uncover was a predecessor to other comedies about a organisation of thirtysomethings like “Seinfeld” and “Friends.”

#5. The Simpsons

Smart Rating: 93.84

Since 1989, Homer and his family have given us profitable difference of wisdom. “Let that be a doctrine to we sweetie. Never adore anything,” or “no matter how good we are, there’s always a million people better” is Homer’s approach of thinking. Fox has renewed a uncover by 2017, creation it “the longest running prime-time comedy array as good as a longest-running prime-time charcterised array in U.S. TV history.”

#4. Modern Family

Smart Rating: 94.37

“Modern Family” is about 3 surprising families vital in Los Angeles and how their radical relations play out. In 2012, a uncover won a Golden Globe for best radio array (comedy or musical) as good as a Primetime Emmy for superb comedy array (and also won a endowment in 2013 and 2014).

#3. The Sopranos

Smart Rating: 94.79

James Gandolfini is Tony Soprano, a New Jersey host trainer who believes “we’re soldiers. Soldiers don’t go to hell. It’s war. Soldiers kill other soldiers. We’re in a conditions where everybody endangered knows a stakes and if we are going to accept those stakes, you’ve got to do certain things. It’s business.” According to IMDb, HBO was endangered that a pretension competence make people trust a uncover was about musicians, so because a gun is in a logo.

#2. Game of Thrones

Smart Rating: 96.82

“When we play a diversion of thrones, we win or we die.” Now in a sixth season, “Game of Thrones” shows some-more failing than winning so far, and audiences can't get enough. The successful uncover is formed on a book array “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R. R. Martin and recently, PrettyFamous ranked any episode of a initial 5 seasons.

#1. Breaking Bad

Smart Rating: 100.00

Bryan Cranston came a prolonged approach from his days as Hal on “Malcolm in a Middle” to Walter White, a chemistry clergyman with a singular side pursuit that takes over his life. The uncover spawned a well-received prequel, “Better Call Saul,” and incited Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston into A-list celebrities.

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