5 Things Tape Can Do for Your Beauty Routine


If you’ve been strolling around Instagram recently, you’ve substantially beheld one go-to hack step popping adult in your feed: tape. From formulating a ideal cat’s-eye to cleaning adult powders, this small glue essential (yes, we can put it right on your skin) is hidden a spotlight and rising as a loyal beauty superstar. ZYRTEC luminary makeup artist Jamie Greenberg shares some of her favorite ways to use it:

Detox Your Makeup
Oils, allergens and other additional can build adult in your makeup palettes and means exasperation (yuck). For a mega-detox, lay a transparent, glue fasten over your powders and afterwards lift adult to mislay additional debris.

Create a Perfect Stencil
Make everybody consider we are have a solid palm for requesting eye makeup by regulating Scotch tape as a stencil. According to Greenberg, it works best when requesting glass eyeliner or dramatic, pulled-out eye shadow—and it helps emanate a ideal cat’s-eye. Just request it wherever we wish a line to go.

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Fix Fallout
Eye shadow can land places other than your eyelid and erase all else when we try to purify it up. “Lightly hold a gummy fasten to mislay eye shade fallout from your face—you’ll mislay a shadow, though not your substructure or blush.”

…Or Prevent It
As a surety measure, we can also lay a small square of fasten underneath your eyes while requesting a hazed eye. 

Conquer Contouring
Greenberg says blue painters fasten is good for contouring and highlighting since it’s some-more peaceful on skin. “Try requesting fasten to a high points of your cheekbones and your jawline, and request bronzing powder. Remove tape, blend, and you’re good to go!”

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