Adele's Eyeliner Secret: Celebrity Makeup Artist Michael Ashton Explains Product Cocktailing

Adele’s makeup artist has suggested a tip to achieving her ideal eyeliner flicks, a small technique he calls ‘Product cocktailing’.

Michael Ashton explained that mixing some-more than one product to emanate a preferred abyss of colour is a technique he mostly employs.

“Product cocktailing is pivotal to achieving a energy and opaqueness of a eyeliner,” he told The Cut.


Michael Ashton is a makeup artist obliged for Adele’s signature look

“I always start by surveying a figure of a liner, operative from a middle to outdoor dilemma of a eye with a black jelly liner,” Ashton continued.

“I afterwards work a product right into a bottom of a lashes and afterwards build density gradually.

“Once I’m finished formulating a preferred shape, we use a waterproof glass ship with a pointing tip to feature and labour a line, finishing by winging a finish of a ship last.”

Ashton ensures Adele’s flicks are neatly tangible by cleaning adult edges with Muji skinny string buds (£2.50 for 200) dipped in Bioderma makeup remover (£5 for 100ml).


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Adele’s eyeliner isn’t a usually time Ashton swears by product cocktailing – he also uses a technique to safeguard eyeshadow lasts all night long.

When asked about products with staying energy by Harper’s Bazaar he explained:

“For me it’s about all product cocktailing, regulating products like eye paints as a bottom to make eye shade final a stretch and jelly liners that lay ideally in a waterline but moving.”



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