Alessandra Ambrosio Went on 1200 Calorie-a-Day Diet for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

You have to go by ruin to be an Angel.

Alessandra Ambrosio caused utterly a stir when she walked in a 2008 Victoria’s Secret conform uncover — small months after welcoming her initial child, Anja. “I usually had 3 months to remove all a weight,” a Brazilian model, 34, told The Edit. “And we was on this 1,200-calorie-a-day meal-delivery use that we hated. we couldn’t do that again.”

Ambrosio, who also shares Noah with fiancé Jamie Mazur, even certified that she never worried to practice before she had to tag on her wings. “In my family, no one ever worked out. It wasn’t until we did my initial Victoria’s Secret uncover that we started exercising,” she said. “Now that it’s a healthy, normal partial of my daily routine, my kids will grow adult saying it in a same way, and we adore that.”

In fact, Ambrosio thinks that motherhood has done her physique even finer.

“Your physique will never go behind to accurately what it was before pregnancy, whatever people tell you. It can’t,” she said. “But we consider we have a improved physique now than before we had kids. It’s partly since we work out, since before we didn’t, though also to do with a figure – it only looks some-more shaped now, and we feel improved about it than we did.”

She also takes her strut down a Victoria’s Secret runway a lot reduction severely these days. While a mood might be tense, a afterparty is all about fun. 

“It’s so stressful before a Victoria’s Secret show. There’s so most vigour on us all — not only in terms of figure — and a appetite gets sucked out of you. So my favorite thing to do thereafter is dance all night long,” Ambrosio revealed. “We’ll have a pizza celebration and drink, though we don’t even caring that most about a food. It’s about being young, normal and untroubled again.”

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