Alex Reid to make fighting quip due to crippling debt

Alex ReidGETTY

CAGE FIGHTER: Alex Reid took partial in around 50 fights during his career

Katie Price’s ex’s financial conditions triggered bouts of basin and took him to a margin of suicide.

The income he gained during a tallness of his fame, that enclosed winning Celebrity Big Brother, is now all left and authorised bills following his splits from Katie Price and Chantelle Houghton have left him totally skint.

Now, a 40-year-old says he has no choice though to get behind into a enclosure and quarrel on, notwithstanding a several risks involved.

“I know I’m rolling a skeleton large time given of all a injuries I’ve suffered over a years,” he said. “I’m not putting my health and my life on a line lightly.

Alex Reid and Katie PriceGETTY

DIVORCED: Alex forsaken £56,000 on a marriage ring for Katie Price

“I’ve been hospitalised during slightest 10 times in my career with concussion, fractured orbital bones, cuts, all sorts.”

He continued: “I’ve got no choice. I’m mill pennyless and haven’t got a pot to p*** in.”

The existence star suggested he “thought about finale it all” dual and a half years ago and given afterwards his debts have risen to around £400,000.

Alex Reid and Chantelle HoughtonGETTY

PARENTS: Alex and Chantelle Houghton have a daughter together

But he certified he couldn’t put his family, including daughter and his personal tutor fiancee Nikki Menasha by a trauma.

At a rise of his fame, Reid was vital a intemperate lifestyle.

He forsaken a infrequent £56,000 in Las Vegas on a marriage ring for Katie and would buy Katie £5,000 Chanel bags regularly.

Alex Reid and Nikki MenashaWENN

ENGAGED: Alex Reid lives with fiancee Nikki Menasha

He said: “I bought her during slightest 3 of those only in impulse.

“The humorous thing is we spent many of my income on Katie.”

Somehow, we don’t consider he’s anticipating it really humorous now.

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