Anne Fitzsimmons Promoted to Chief of Police. She is a First Female Police Chief in White Plains.

fitzsimmonsAssistant Chief Anne Fitzsimmons, of a White Plains, New York, Department of Public Safety, has been a military officer for 36 years. Anne began her use in a Patrol Division, as one of a initial females to be reserved to unchanging unit duties. In 1984, she began her assignment in a Youth Unit and was essentially concerned in investigations involving children, sex crimes and domestic violence. In 1987, she was promoted to sergeant and was obliged for supervising rapist investigators. She remained in this position until 1997 during that time she was promoted to Lieutenant – Executive Officer of Criminal Investigations. In 2001, Anne was a initial womanlike to grasp a arrange of Captain in a White Plains Police Department. As a military captain she gifted several opposite commands: Administration, Training and Community Policing. In 2006, Anne was promoted to Assistant Chief and is now obliged for Administration, Training, Data Management, and Community Policing.

As a Commanding Officer of a Community Policing Division, Anne has supervised military officers who use innovative village policing strategies and record to revoke crime. She is generally unapproachable of building a White Plains Police Department’s response to domestic violence   The growth of successful strategies to revoke domestic assault by operative in partnership with several use providers, in sold a Pace Women’s Justice Center, in a White Plains village has increasing a reserve of adults in their homes.

Anne is a connoisseur of Pace University, has attended several veteran schools, and perceived a Masters in Public Administration from Marist College. Some of a awards and approval that Anne has perceived include:

1985 International Association of Women Police – Merit Award, 1985 Westchester County American Legion Auxiliary Police Award – Outstanding Service to a Community, 1991 Police Officer of a Year – White Plains Exchange Club, 2002 Pace Women’s Justice Center – Certification of Appreciation – Project DETER, 2005 City of White Plains Commission on Human Rights – Distinguished Service Award, 2006 selected as one of Westchester County’s Wise, Wonderful Women, 2007 YWCA of White Plains – Government and Public Service Award, 2007 White Plains Corps of a Salvation Army – Community Service, 2010 Westchester – Rockland Guardians Association – Community Service, and a Respect for Law Alliance 2012 Law Enforcement Leadership Eagle Award.

She is married to John FitzSimmons, who was also a military officer, and has dual children – John, a White Plains Police Officer and Mary Kate, who is an Ensign in a United States Navy and now a Naval Aviation Student. Anne is also one of a initial members of New York Women in Law Enforcement and served as a organization’s initial clamp president, she stays on a organization’s Board of Directors.


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