At GDC, a uncover building dirty with VR and PR gimmicks

VirZoom’s VR practice bike record sports a neat new demeanour during GDC. If we don’t mind looking silly, it certain beats fighting cars to pedal around in a cold and rain.

In a midst of all a technical talks and indie diversion demos during a Game Developers Conference, you’ll find a uncover floor, a place where critical companies try to squeeze your courtesy in decidedly non-serious ways. Every year as a GDC winds down, we like to make a circuit of a uncover building to see what new techniques middleware companies are regulating to squeeze show-goer attention. This year’s uncover floor, in a cavernous Moscone Center in San Francisco, did not disappoint.

A series of companies attempted their best to fasten on to a rising practical existence trend with new controllers and accessories. These aren’t a well-funded, big-name head-mounted displays from a likes of Valve or Oculus, though mostly gimmicky prototypes perplexing to supplement a novel turn to a approach we correlate in practical reality.

Ars checks out VR during GDC

Many of these startups will be left by a time GDC rolls around subsequent year, so we suspicion we should during slightest request their existence while we can. (Update: Now with video of some of a VR rigs Sam Machkovech and I encountered, as well.) Enjoy this visible debate of a many entertainingly peculiar products and firms plying their things this year.

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