Awards We Would Like To See At The TV Choice Awards

The TV Choice Awards are great because it represents the voice of the people. There are some shows that manage to get critical acclaim, but the general public wants to have a voice that can be heard. Television lovers want shows that reflect their own lives. They like to root for the actors that they love. The TV Choice Awards has some good categories for awards, but there are a few that are missing. The following highlights the awards that TV fans would like to see for future TV Choice Award shows.

Best Underdog TV Show Award

Television shows are everywhere now. Netflix has original shows. Hulu has original shows. There are prime time shows and cable televisions shows. All of this has made it difficult for some shows – with good writing and great actors – to make it into the spotlight.

There should definitely be a “Best Underdog Show” award that praises the show that has been overlooked. It is easy to overlook shows in this day and age because there are so many shows to see. The world is filled with a plethora of ways to view shows, and sometimes people just don’t have the time to discover all that is new. That is why the Underdog show awards would be so incredible. When the nominees are announced viewers would instantly get the chance to discover several new shows.

Most Successful Transition From Movie To TV Award

Many of the stars that have been in movies are making a transition to television. Some stars like Halle Berry have had less than stellar moments on the small screen. Berry actually stared in a show that got cancelled in the first season. There are other stars like Viola Davis, on the other hand, that have become a force with the number 1 show on television, “How to Get Away With Murder.” Actresses like this need to be recognized for there successful transition from movies to television. She was nominated for an Oscar on the big screen, and she will probably acquire an Emmy for her television work. She stills needs to be recognized in a separate category at the TV Choice awards for making the transition to television though.

Best Cancelled Show Award

There are times when a show has die hard fans, but it still gets cancelled. Fans may start online petitions. There may be a lot buzz about a show, but it may still get axed by the network because the show doesn’t have enough viewers.

It is always sad to see these shows go, but the creators of the show should not just be cancelled without some acknowledgement. Many of the creators – in efforts to preserve the quality of the season – will write the ending for these shows to wrap things up. Their efforts should be award with a “Best Cancelled Show” award. This will make it easier for the creators of these shows to get a green light on future projects for television.

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