Badr Farha Wins Award of approval during a IndieFEST Film Awards

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(Los Angeles, CA, 4/3/2016) – Badr Farha has won a prestigious Award of approval from a IndieFEST Film Awards. The endowment was given for Badr Farha’s sparkling thespian short, The Last Conversation. The Last Conversation facilities well-developed thespian storytelling by Christopher Callen and Don Lucas. The strange measure and opening of a film was stoical by Julian De La Chica and performed by New York City’s eclectic, Scorchio Quartet.

“It was a stirring artistic knowledge and a loyal respect to work with Badr Farha in revelation such a pleasing tellurian story”. Christopher Callen, played by Yvonne(supporting actor).

The IndieFEST Film Awards recognizes film, television, videography and new media professionals who denote well-developed feat in qualification and creativity, and those who furnish standout party or minister to surpassing amicable change. Entries are judged by rarely competent professionals in a film and radio industry. Information about a IndieFEST and a list of new winners can be found during

In winning an IndieFEST Film Award, Regina Bang and Javier Del Olmo(producers on The Last Conversation, When Negatives Collide, More Than Words) from Bang Bang Pictures join a ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally reputable endowment including Liam Neeson as a anecdotist of Love Thy Nature, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tom Hall for Generosity of Eye, David Gero of Yamaha Entertainment,  searing expose Davids and Goliath by Leon Lee, Star Trek Fan Favorite Prelude to Axanar and European heavyweight Roland Joffee forThe Lovers starring Josh Hartnett and Bollywood star Bipasha Basu.  Rick Prickett, who chairs The IndieFEST Film Awards, had this to contend about a latest winners, “TheIndieFEST is not an easy endowment to win. Entries are perceived from around a universe from powerhouse companies to conspicuous new talent. The IndieFEST helps set a customary for qualification and creativity. The judges were gratified with a well-developed high peculiarity of entries. The idea of The IndieFEST Film Awards is to assistance winners grasp a approval they deserve.”

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