Beauty tip: 5 easy to-do luminary hairstyles that we saw during Cannes 2016

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    Cannes Film Festival 2016 saw some flawless easy-to-do hairstyles along with a ideal make-up. Browse by these hairstyles, try them out and demeanour like a million bucks but many effort!

  • ponytail

    High ponytail- Isn’t ponytail something that we tie adult each day. Yes, and if we tie it small aloft and pin adult all a hair properly, we can certainly demeanour pleasing and neat only like Aishwarya Rai and Bella Hadid did during Cannes.

  • bob cut

    Bob cut is behind in conform and we saw Kristen Stewart and Jessica Chastain sporting a brief and voluptuous incline cut. And with this cut, there is no need of spending many time on your hair-do.

  • braid

    Fishtail braid- Maud Wyler looked seemly with a fishtail braid. Though this is a many time immoderate out of all a hairstyles, nonetheless it is value a gorgeous look. This is a best hair-do if we have prolonged and saturated hair.

  • messy bun

    Messy bun- The casual, available and a easiest hair-do that one can lift off is a famous disorderly bun. Despite being called messy, it looks perfect. Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively carried out a disorderly bun in an unusually pleasing way.

  • long open hair

    Long open hair- When we have prolonged hair, we can let it lax only like Sonam Kapoor and Julia Roberts did. Dab some serum to detain flyaways, brush it a approach it looks best, or we can also have soothing curls towards a hair-tips. This is simply a chic-est demeanour of all.

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