Bioenergy Association welcomes appetite awards recognition

7 Apr 2016

Bioenergy Association media release

Bioenergy Association welcomes approval as a personality in a appetite awards

The Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ) currently welcomed a proclamation by a Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority of a association’s executive officer, Brian Cox, as a finalist for an Energy Leadership Award.

“The bioenergy zone has been flourishing as timber appetite has turn some-more appealing than coal. With Christchurch carrying consecrated timber fueled feverishness plant during dual of a hospitals, and Invercargill converting from lignite to timber fuel for their Splash Palace open swimming pool, internal councils are noticing that renewable appetite is good for their community.”

Mr Grant Smith, a Chair of a Bioenergy Association pronounced “Much of a pierce from spark to timber for heating can be due to a concentration that has been occurring on ensuring that timber fuel supply is arguable and consistent. The association’s executive lead by Mr Cox has been heading a expansion of standards, timber fuel suppler accreditation and handling a smoothness of preparation packages for consultants.”

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority announced yesterday a finalists in a 2016 Energy Awards.

“It is good to see a list of finalists as it shows that supervision and private owned appetite users are removing a summary that renewable appetite and appetite potency is good for business”.

Mr Smith added, “Bioenergy is mostly formed on good proven record and so doesn’t need investigate or low luck scrutiny such as for petroleum, though what it needs is facilitation so as to speed adult expansion of a market. Leadership is pivotal to achieving that goal.”

Energy Awards

The Bioenergy Association:
• Mission Statement is “to foster a limit utilization of all forms of tolerable bioenergy in New Zealand”.
• Vision is that “Bioenergy in all a forms will supply some-more than 25% of a country’s appetite needs, including 30% of a country’s ride fuels by around 2040.”
• Has consecrated work by BERL that shows that a feat of a prophesy above is value around $6billion annually to NZ port-to-BANZPreliminary-EIA-of-NZBioenergy-Strategy.pdf

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