Celebrity cook Art Smith: Home again in Florida | Miami Herald

Art Smith is entrance home. The luminary cook who has served his famous boiled duck to Oprah Winfrey and 4 U.S. presidents is returning to his hearth in Jasper, Florida. And he’s bringing along his environment — a father and 5 children — as he works to energise this city of only 1,600 people.

Smith and his husband, Jesus Salguerio — who married 5 years ago in an over-the-top D.C. marriage that enclosed a opening by Moby — have prolonged been fixtures on a luminary scene. Smith spent scarcely a decade as Winfrey’s personal cook (and she introduced him to his new companion Lady Gaga), has served a vegetarian chronicle of his boiled duck to a Dali Lama, and recently catered an after-party for Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s marriage during The Breakers.

Much of his concentration in new years has been on formulating healthier versions of indulgent foods. He forsaken 125 pounds 4 years ago and even ran dual marathons, though he saw a weight creeping back. Recently, he began a new practice fast and mislaid 45 pounds. But he still loves his classical boiled Southern food.

“You can’t tell people who have been creation this food for centuries to stop creation it. … I’m not going to do it. we consider we can have miraculous boiled duck that comes from a benevolent place,” served with fresh, tender vegetables and reduce calorie sides.

The Florida Garden and Kitchen School is slated to start courses this tumble online and in person. His bakery will open after this year and will supply desserts for his other large project, a grill opening during Disney Springs this summer. The bakery and gardens also will supply food to 3 other restaurants Smith is formulation to open in Florida.

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