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There are many things we adore about Celebrity.  Whenever we house one of their ships, we feel like we are visiting extended family, and if ever we have a problem, a accessible useful staff always solve a issues to a finish satisfaction.  And afterwards there is Celebrity’s faithfulness programme, that in a view, contingency positively be one of a best within a journey industry.

However, we write this square while aboard a Equinox, where notwithstanding carrying finished over forty cruises, this is a initial transatlantic one with a company.  We all have a favourite aspects of cruising, a things that pull us to certain companies, or even certain ships.  For us, one of a things we adore most, that keeps us entrance behind to Celebrity, is a two-hour per dusk Captain’s Club eventuality that is open to passengers who have reached Elite turn within a company’s faithfulness programme.

Of march there is a inexhaustible total giveaway drinks available, though for us it’s most some-more critical than that. We unequivocally suffer a eventuality to accommodate associate passengers in a loose pacific and uncrowded atmosphere, and also to get to know a many officers that revisit during a two-hour period.  It’s also good to get to know a staff who are portion you.  We all like to feel appreciated, or even important, and this Captain’s Club underline positively does that.

Tony Russell

Tony Russell

But here on a Equinox there is no two-hour per day Captain’s Club eventuality since there are distant too many passengers during Elite turn or above that can be catered for in any of a ship’s many venues.  Apparently this is apropos a common problem on Celebrity’s transatlantic cruises, and it’s a problem we feel that will usually wear as Celebrity benefit some-more and some-more unchanging and constant passengers.  If we are right, afterwards sadly  we will be observant goodbye to Celebrity that would be rather ironic, as a unequivocally programme that keeps us constant to Celebrity could eventually expostulate us away, unless a resolution can be found to what we trust will be an augmenting problem.

However, for a moment, let’s take a closer demeanour during a problem and maybe offer some solutions.  Firstly, as we pronounced earlier, a inexhaustible dual hours of total giveaway drinks on this journey has been transposed by giving all subordinate Captain’s Club members 3 vouchers per day, entitling them to a giveaway splash per voucher.

Why usually three?  If it’s only a ability issue?  Cynics competence contend it is in fact a cost slicing exercise.  We all differ on a volume we drink, be it alcoholic or otherwise, my mother and we would not cruise ourselves to be inclusive drinkers, though in a two-hour duration with good association we would substantially have a splash each half an hour or so.  That would meant Celebrity’s capricious 3 vouchers have left us one splash short, for some it might be more.

Like we said, it could demeanour like a cost saving exercise.  Perhaps Celebrity need to demeanour during this.

As for a venue issue, there are during slightest 3 probable solutions as distant as we can see.  Firstly, a two-hour duration could be extended and there could be dual Captain’s Club events, and a subordinate members could be separate between them, or some-more than one venue could be used, nonetheless we concur that could nuisance non Captain’s Club members.  Otherwise, maybe Celebrity will need to take another demeanour during their faithfulness programme, and make some formidable decisions, since as we pronounced before, this flourishing membership of a faithfulness intrigue will continue to boost a ability problem on house ship.

We unequivocally wish a comparison government  are holding stairs to solve this problem as we adore a extended Celebrity family, and we have positively lifted a concerns with Guest Services on board.   Meanwhile we unequivocally skip a two-hour amicable event, though luckily we are on house with dual unequivocally good friends who we met in a Captain’s a bar 4 years ago – says it all…….

Happy Cruising! And we would adore to hear what others consider of this emanate @tonyr2011

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