Celebrity Make-up Artists Are Going Wild For 'Sandbagging', But What Exactly Is It?

From contouring and strobing to slathering her hair in chimpanzee snot (yes, really), Kim Kardashian’s beauty habits have already sparked unconstrained trends. Now, a existence star’s many devoted make-up artist has spilled nonetheless another of her beauty secrets; evidence a sandbagging trend.

Though it sounds reduction than glamorous, a make-up technique has prolonged been used by professionals to tackle a problem of runny, liquid-based products.

Lipsticks that drain outward of your mouth line? Liquid eyeliner that runs or creases? Not a problem if you’ve got a sandbag.

So what accurately is it, and how do we go about ‘sandbagging’ your possess face? As Kim’s make-up artist, Mario Dedivanovic, explains, sandbagging is a elementary thought of formulating a separator around your eyes or lips regulating heavily practical lax powder.

After perfecting your substructure and concealer, Mario advises patting a whole bucket of unclouded powder around your lips and eyes, before requesting a lipstick or eye product that has a intensity to ramble where it’s not wanted.

The powder will act in a same approach a sandbag does during a flood, by shower adult any additional oils and moisture, and combining a separator that a smudges can no longer cross. Once you’re done, simply dirt off a additional powder with a soothing brush and you’re good to go.

A pivotal technique among a Kardashian women (we suppose they’ve tested it thoroughly), a use helps to give your make-up additional staying power, and we won’t have to worry about hourly touch-ups.

Ready to sandbag? Follow these elementary steps:

  1. Apply your substructure and concealer as normal
  2. Dip a corner of a beauty consume into lax unclouded powder, and request heavily around your eyes and mouth.
  3. Apply your lipstick and eye make-up as normal, vouchsafing a powder barriers soak adult any smudges.
  4. Simply dirt off a additional powder when you’re finished regulating a tiny make-up brush

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