Celebrity Makeup Artist Confessions: What It's Really Like To Work For Stars

Celebrity makeup artists share secrets about what it’s unequivocally like operative for stars.

By Gina Masilotti g.masilotti@hngn.com | Feb 19, 2016 03:00 PM EST

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba always looks fanciful interjection to her makeup artist. Now some luminary makeup pros are dishing a mud on what it’s unequivocally like operative with stars. (Photo : Instagram/joycebonelli)

Being surrounded by celebrities all day competence seem like a dream come true, though when you’re a one in assign of creation them demeanour flawless, one can usually suppose what’s seen when a cameras aren’t rolling. In general, requesting makeup isn’t an easy task, and when it’s an artist’s shortcoming to make a star demeanour their best, a vigour is on. While many celebs have constant makeup artists who they have combined guileless relations with over a years, there are other makeup pros who usually work specific shoots and gigs that have seen some very interesting things.

First things first: an artist has to be unequivocally good during what they do in sequence for an A-list luminary to trust them with their face – and it can take years and years of use before an determined makeup artist becomes somebody celebrities indeed wish to work with. While many have no problem pity their stories, many do sojourn indistinguishable for a consequence of a stars’ privacy, though it’s crazy to hear what it’s unequivocally like being a luminary makeup artist!

While it’s apparent a pro contingency be consistent, what many people don’t comprehend is that they have to also be quick. “Beyoncé told me once, ‘The bad thing about being good is no one is going to give we some-more time’ – and she was right,” makeup artist Sir John told Cosmopolitan. “When you’re rapid and good, everybody expects a makeup to be on like bippity boppity disapprove – magic.” He went on to explain how he spent a lot of time practicing on girls in clubs given many of a time he usually has about 20 mins to do a full face of makeup. “I used that speed to my advantage,” he admitted. “And now I’m one of a quickest guys in a business.”


Sir John  Beyoncé

(Photo: Instagram/sjblife)
Sir John touches adult Beyoncé’s makeup.


Since not all makeup artists are advantageous adequate to work with clients like Beyoncé, there are some nauseous truths when operative with opposite celebrities. “You wouldn’t trust how many celebrities have acne – like severe acne,” an unknown artist told Cosmopolitan. “They have to wear so many makeup for a camera, their skin can’t breathe and their pores get clogged. we once did a hair blurb with a young, up-and-coming singer who came to a studio with makeup already on, though we didn’t comprehend how many until we started wiping it off. She’d layered it on like peanut butter in an try to cover a hulk zits all over her face.”

She went on to report a time when an “incredibly famous model” showed adult to a fire with a hairy top mouth that she had to whiten and afterwards trim on a mark since it showed adult in all a photos. “The indication was so broke she started crying,” suggested a makeup pro. “I told her it wasn’t bad, though a law was, it was a gnarliest mustache I’d ever seen.”

“The thing is, even a many perfect-looking stars have usually as many insecurities as a rest of us,” she added. “They’ll ask things like, ‘Can we make my nose demeanour smaller?’ or ‘You can make my top mouth bigger, can’t you?’ we can’t censure them; their face is going to be intoxicated all over a large screen, ads and magazines, and they know they’re going to be scrutinized.”


Sir John  Lady Gaga

(Photo: Instagram/sjblife)
Sir John works his sorcery on Lady Gaga.

Apparently she’s not alone since another unknown makeup artist common identical stories. “A lot of people consider a pursuit is all glamour, though that’s not indispensably a case,” the artist told Refinery29. She afterwards went on to explain how she was once asked to do an unnamed celeb’s makeup in a helicopter since she was using late for an event. “I was like, ‘A) I’m fearful of heights, B) we competence chuck up, and C) This is ridiculous,” she recalled. “I usually put my feet down, finally, and told them they were crazy. we finished adult doing her makeup in 5 minutes, adding a small eyeliner, a cocktail of blush, a mouth tone and some good concealer. You have to be discerning on your feet.”

This unknown artist also explained that, mostly times, her clients aren’t demure and will lay there during early morning shoots and have a haughtiness to sequence themselves coffee and breakfast though even grouping her anything. “Or, sometimes, a publicist will call me during 5 p.m. a day before a 9 a.m. pursuit when I’m already working, and they’ll ask me to run to Barneys to get a customer her favorite Cle de Peau concealer,” she added. “Once, someone told me their customer was a germophobe and that we indispensable to move mint makeup brushes… during 4 p.m. a day before a job.”


Eva Longoria

(Photo : Instagram/evalongoria)
Eva Longoria gets her makeup and hair finished before going in front of a cameras.

While it can be tough, it does have a perks. “But, look, this pursuit can be so great,” she concluded. “A lot of times, I’ve worked with immature actresses usually to see their careers blow up. we once started operative with one immature lady and a income was usually okay, though we desired her and her team, so we stranded with it. Then, a press started essay about her everywhere she went, that was extraordinary for my career… It’s always good to work with someone who has potential. Someone once told me to find my muse, and I’m blissful we schooled that. Everyone will always follow after Angelina [Jolie], though we trust in a actresses I’ve worked with and a projects they’ve worked on, and it’s paid off. It sounds naïve, though it’s true: As an artist, when you’re inspired, you’ll be better.”

(Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian)

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