Celebrity makeup artist Deida Massey pens 'Face Values,' a beauty memoir

Deida Massey

(Photo courtesy of Deida Massey)

World-renowned luminary makeup artist Deida Massey recently penned, FACE VALUES – THE FOUNDATION OF Beauty, that is an forlorn review about meaningful who we are as it relates to self-esteem, self-worth, and favourable your confidence. With 10 years of mentorship underneath her belt, Massey is transparent. She weaves her possess life story into FACE VALUES with a passion and purpose of a loyal artist.

Massey teaches immature women that we are what we trust and we are who God says we are, “fearfully and splendidly made.” Massey is a owner and executive executive of Reel Beauty Inc., that is nonprofit classification that assists at-risk civic girls since she is committed to assisting immature people learn their possess beauty inside and out.

Here, Massey chats with rolling out about her beauty devise that doubles as a self-help book and memoir, goal-setting beam and travelogue.

Deida Massey Book

Why did we write this book?
I wrote this book to enthuse teen girls and women of all ages to adore themselves right where they are. To know their beauty within is distant some-more than what governmental perceptions currently contend beauty is. Face Values is a pure and transformational review to commission women to follow their dreams, enthuse immature women to know who they are and inspire everyone.

What’s a story behind a title?
The story behind a pretension comes from my classification that we founded in 2004 for teen girls named Reel Beauty, Inc. We have a 14-week curriculum and within that curriculum we have a seminar that teaches girls about values and a significance of carrying values. we select a pretension since it is synonymous to my purpose and passion; that is makeup.

What do we wish readers will reap from reading your book?
My wish is that readers will review about my tour to self-satisfaction and self-discovery and start to daub into their possess personal struggles with self-respect and arise from above a remains and find their loyal beauty.

How prolonged did it take we to write this book?
It took me 6 years to write Face Values – The Foundation of Beauty.

What was your fast to finish this book?
My fast to finish this book was late nights and early mornings. we would start in request initial since it was critical to hear what God was observant as it relates to a summary we wanted to communicate in my book. we would widespread large pieces of paper opposite my bedroom building and write down a vision, phrases and difference we wanted to share with readers.

How did we arrive during this career choice? Was it a counsel preference or a light and healthy evolution?
I arrived during this career choice by a counsel preference to pursue my passion in makeup. we wanted to do something adventurous. we was sleepy of a routine of operative a pursuit where there was no expansion and doing a same thing over an over again.

What separates we from others in your field? What is singular to a knowledge that we create?
I trust a one thing that separates me from others in my margin is carrying a good personality. I’ve schooled and seen people get dismissed or demoted since they didn’t have a best personality. People wish to work with people who have good personalities and people who are friendly and one who can get along with people.

For those deliberation entering this arena, what ability sets do we suggest mastering?
I would suggest holding classes to learn set etiquette. Also, we would suggest operative during makeup counters to assistance build your confidence.

What traits are many gainful to success?
The traits that are many gainful to success is carrying a certain opinion and always being fervent to learn.

How do we stay during a heading corner of your craft?
I stay during a heading corner of my qualification by staying applicable and permitting myself to grow by training some-more about my craft. For example, holding classes to learn new techniques and being sensitive on selecting rising brands to govern new makeup looks.

Do we cruise that there are any widely hold misconceptions about what we do? If so, what are they and how do we work to diffuse them?
The one widely hold myth about what we do is that makeup is a hobby. It’s not a hobby it’s a contention that has led to many passion and purpose. we don’t disagree most to that myth other than when asked we explain how we left corporate America to pursue my passion and how we make a improved vital doing what we adore to do.

How do we map out your goals? How do we magnitude your success?
I map out my goals by essay a prophesy God had for life. we afterwards set a devise in place on how to grasp those goals. we began to govern those goals by operative a devise for any idea we had set before me. That enclosed research, reading and building a network to assistance grasp those goals.

Name dual of your tip purpose models; one from your attention and one from outward of it.
I can’t name anyone in my margin who is a purpose indication for me though outward of my margin we am desirous by people both group and women who are diversion changers and visionaries.

Name 3 books, works, performances or exhibits that altered how we perspective life, yourself or both.
The Jewish Phenomenon: Seven Keys to a Enduring Wealth of a People by Steven Silbiger, dfree Breaking Free from Financial Slavery by Deforest B. Soaries Jr. These dual books helped made and change my mindset on building resources and violation giveaway from financial bondage. The Bride Wore White is a good review about passionate virginity for immature girls and women.

Why do we cruise continued training important?
I cruise continued training critical since it helps one grow mentally. In addition, continued training is critical to assistance stay applicable in a area that interests you.

What affirmations do we repeat to yourself that minister to your success?
The affirmations we repeat to myself are: “Today we am blessed. There is no arrogance in my hand. Where we mount GOD gives me a land; unconstrained annuity comes to me. we am sanctified drum in and sanctified entrance out.”

What purpose does record play in your day-to-day life? How do we implement it?
Technology plays a outrageous purpose in my day-to-day life. we love, adore my iPad 2 and iPhone 6. Having a dual along with my MacBook Air allows me answer emails and work on WORD papers by my iCloud while I’m operative on set or divided from my office.

Please conclude your personal brand.
My personal code is a code that has emerged into many facets that paint entrepreneurship, beauty, amicable change, inventions and apropos an author. we started in my passion as a makeup artist and while operative in my passion we found my purpose. God began to exhibit to me levels to my code by display me visions, ideas and new ways to be artistic with all my gifts and talents.

What is your favorite vacation destination? Why?
My favorite vacation end is anywhere off a Mediterranean Sea. we comprehensive am in adore with primitive blue waters. we adore a sound of water. It brings peace, peace and tranquility.

If we could change one thing about a world, what would it be?
Remove racism.

If we could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
The usually thing we would change about myself is to stop being so inconclusive during times when creation decisions when we already have discerned a solution.

What does it take to be iconic? In your estimation, who has achieved that status?
To be iconic it takes tough work, dedication, joining and courage. Others might conclude iconic differently though one who demonstrates these 4 characteristics is Serena Williams and Misty Copeland. They both worked tough to get where they are today.

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