Celebrity makeup artist gives flawless face-lifting category in ATL

Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard and Sanaa Lathan are a few of Saisha Beecham’s high-profile clients.

The limited-seating eventuality is sponsored by Make-Up Artist Magazine and Cloutier Remix, that represents an chosen organisation of makeup artists, hairstylists, manicurists, and habit stylists.

With her 15-year career as a freelance luminary makeup artist, Beecham has achieved what she was preoccupied with as a immature girl. She desired conform and entertainment. Here is how this former Atlanta hair salon workman used her dreams to assistance her arise all a approach to Hollywood makeup stardom.

Q: What was your early tour to makeup and how did an seductiveness spin into an consultant career?

Janelle Monae, a renouned low-pitched hostess and fashionista, has perceived makeup artist services from Saisha Beecham. photo Courtesy of Theory Communications

Janelle Monae, a renouned low-pitched hostess and fashionista, has perceived makeup artist services from Saisha Beecham.

A: Well we indeed was always an artist. we pull and paint naturally. Anything that we see, we can draw. we suspicion if we knew how to paint and pull — that means we have to be a starving artist and be poor. So we knew we didn’t wish to pursue that as a career. we was indeed posterior an behaving career. we was vital in Atlanta and we went to Los Angeles for a summer with roommates. It was 5 of us piled adult in a duplex. It was only a fluke. We finished adult in a building and somebody was like “You guys demeanour like we contingency be going to see Vincent Cirrincione.” And we were like “Who’s that!” And afterwards a man said, “I don’t know, though only all a pleasing women go to see him.” So we went adult to a house to demeanour to see who that was. And we only barged in his bureau like mafiosi actors. So we gave a headshots, and his partner was looking during us like “Oh my God! How brave we come in here like this. There’s no approach he’s going to see you.”

Apparently she was wrong since he asked her to call us behind a subsequent day for an interview. He finished adult being this outrageous manager who’s famous for removing black actresses to A-list status. He’s Taraji P. Henson’s manager. He’s Halle Berry’s manager. He met with all of us and out of everybody he told my representative that he wanted to work with me. we told him that we had run out of money. we was going behind to Atlanta a subsequent day. He was like “It’s okay, come behind in 6 months to a year. we know we can assistance you. Something is revelation me that I’m ostensible to assistance we do this.” So we was in Atlanta only harsh and hustling, perplexing to save income to go back. Then all my roommates started descending off one-by-one. Everybody was like “I’m not gonna go back.” So afterwards it was down to only me. we was like ‘what can we do to get some-more income since I’ll have to live in LA by myself.’ So we started doing makeup on a side, only to make additional money. we was operative in a hair salon during a time. As shortly as we started doing makeup — we theory since of my art credentials — we picked it adult quickly. we got a lot of courtesy immediately. The initial year doing makeup, we landed Usher as a client. we trafficked a universe with him. He fundamentally gave me my large break. ‘Cause once we do someone of that size nobody else says no. Everything kind of took off.

Q: So before your mangle with Usher what other makeup work were we doing?

A: we started out doing like Black Men’s and Smooth gentlemen magazines. we was fundamentally training myself to do makeup while we was doing these ads. we was operative with LaShawnna Stanley who owns Ethnicity Models. She had a lot of connectors from engagement her models for these magazines. What she would do for me, since they wanted her models, was to contend “You can book her if we use my makeup artist.” So she unequivocally helped put me on by doing these tiny things.

Q: What accurately is a “flawless face-lifting” technique that has brought we such acclaim?

A: When we do makeup, we demeanour during it as some-more of a science. I’m sculpting a face, I’m not only requesting makeup. we am indeed perplexing to emanate something younger and fresher. So with my strokes — we cadence all in an ceiling motion. Because when we are portrayal on a board a instruction of your strokes determines how all looks. If we request makeup in an ceiling suit it’s going to demeanour like a face is some-more lifted. we only have tiny techniques and tiny things that we do that only rises a face and kind of creates a lady demeanour younger. So many people are putting on so most substructure and so most contour when we can indeed get that young, youthful, and pleasing sculpted face with reduction product. It’s all in your focus and how we request it. What I’m doing in my category is training we when to contour and when not to…and when to contour a lot and when to contour a little.

Q: Is this your initial Makeup Master Class ever or only a initial one being hold in Atlanta?

A: we did dual workshops in Atlanta. They were hands-on and they were unequivocally small. It was some-more like classroom-style. So this is my first-time doing it on a large theatre with a microphone where we can accept some-more people and can give all a information.

Q: Would we contend that a arriving category on May 15 is for people with tiny neighborhood-type beauty salons or is it for people with abundant and high-profile clients?

A: This category is for everyone. This is for high-profile, low-profile, bland women, models, hair stylists, makeup artists and for anybody that wants to know how to scrupulously do their makeup. So many people are looking to YouTube and Instagram for tips. But unfortunately some of a techniques used in these videos are achieved incorrectly.

Q: Your bio states that we are a organisation follower in mind-over-matter and achieving goals regardless of obstacles?

A: I’m really optimistic. Everything that I’m vital right now, we spoke as a teen in high school. we trust that when we pronounce things, we pronounce things into existence. People don’t comprehend how absolute difference in your thoughts are — generally if you’re constantly meditative disastrous thoughts like “I’m not gonna make it. I’m substantially not gonna even get it.” You are formulating that for yourself. we unequivocally trust that we can do anything that we put your mind to…If we are putting in a work to get there — we will get there.

Here are a eventuality sum for Beecham’sMake-Up Artist Magazine and Cloutier Remix Master Classes:

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.Saisha Beecham Master Class: Seamless Dimension The Secrets to Contouring Brows includes a latest techniques in highlighting, contouring, and formulating a ideal smokey eye. Watch Saisha emanate dual opposite looks during this live proof that costs $175. The category includes a present bag valued during $350 featuring brands such as M.A.C. Cosmetics, PUR, Sephora, Murad, Ofra Cosmetics, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Pevonia Skincare, BioDerma, Vita Liberata, Smoke Mirror Beauty Lashes and many more.

1-2:30 p.m A mixer will embody networking and onsite portfolio reviews by Make-Up Artist Magazine publisher Michael Key. The cost is $30 and does not embody present bag.

2:30-5:30 p.m. Cloutier Remix Master Class: How to Agent Brand Yourself will learn we how to representative and code yourself as a freelance makeup artist or hairstylist from Cloutier Remix Director, Madeline Leonard, and Marketing Specialist, Lauren FitzGerald. Cloutier Remix is one of a tip beauty agencies in Los Angeles, representing prestigious beauty talent for over 30 years. Topics to be discussed during this seminar are how to build a portfolio and website, negotiating, amicable media, how to be remembered, signing with an group and more. The cost $175. This category as a singular march does not embody present bag.

You can also pointer adult for a Combo Class Package: Saisha Beecham Class Cloutier Remix Master Class. The cost is $300 with assets of $50 by attending both classes. This category combo includes a present bag valued during $350.

Register for tickets during Eventbrite.com .

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