Celebrity Makeup Artist 'Mama Makeup' Accused of Stabbing Sister with Umbrella

Celebrity makeup artist Sharon “Mama Makeup” Gault has worked for Madonna, Michael Jackson, and David LaChapelle. This week, a Santa Monica Police Department arrested Gault for allegedly stabbing her sister with an powerful during a home they share together.

According to TMZ and the Daily Mail, Gault and her sister began arguing with any other on Monday evening. At some point, Gault allegedly grabbed a wooden hanger and powerful and afterwards pounded her sister with a domicile objects, regulating a powerful in a “stabbing motion.” Santa Monica Police Lieutenant Rodriguez told a Mail that Gault’s sister lacked manifest injuries. Over a phone, an worker of a Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office told Broadly that they are now reviewing a case.

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The eventuality is estimable of a John Waters film—and Gault is mostly compared to Divine—but a detain sent Gault, her family, and friends into disarray. In a heading of a since-deleted design on Gault’s Instagram account, her daughter—Adelaide Gault, also famous as Addy—asked fans to “pray” for her mother. “She was arrested since of my aunt and uncle,” she pronounced in a comment. (Adelaide did not lapse Broadly’s ask for an interview.) Gault’s friend, Kristin Lara, also commented: “This was a family matter. She’s pang from a mishap and detriment of her mother. The allegations are simply that: ‘allegations.’” Another friend, Jennifer Whitman, has combined a Sharon Gault Fund on GoFundMe. “Please assistance Sharon and Addy,” she writes. At press time, a debate has lifted $5.

Gault is famous for being a amatory singular mom in Los Angeles. Two sources tell Broadly that she brags about her daughter Adelaide to everybody from models’ boyfriends to a cackle of homosexuals that contain her choice family. Her Instagram consists of cinema of her daughter in her vital room and photos from parties with Amanda Lepore, conform gays, and Pamela Anderson. Last December, Gault dressed as a penguin and embellished her face like Divine while behaving onstage with Miley Cyrus and Anderson. Both a Baywatch star and Gault are friends and collaborators with a photographer David LaChapelle. In 2010, Gault accompanied him to an Oscar celebration while wearing a hulk crawl on her head. She has embellished a faces of models in some of his many noted images, including a Lady Gaga Rolling Stone cover.

Gault brings a particular fashionable demeanour to these famous faces of cocktail culture: colorful eye shadow, splattered colors, and one shade embellished on an whole bare body. Her work looks superficial, yet a abyss shows through. The character hints during a stupidity of Gault’s personal life. In a 2010 PopCandiesTV video, Gault walks around Los Angeles with her daughter, who wears a shawl knitted to resemble a baby seal, and a immature masculine whom she identifies as “the biggest Lady Gaga fan.” Gault binds a milkshake; her black T-shirt hangs off her shoulder. She says Gaga called her by God and that she done “Gaga hummus” in “honor of Gaga.” “I adore to share about Michael Jackson. Heal a universe and make it a improved place,” Gault says. “I wish a universe to be glossy and happy.”

A clarity of dark has always shined by Gault’s happy, colorful work, though, that is substantially because she has consistently worked for American icons for over 26 years. She primarily came to inflection for her barbarous coming in Madonna’s groundbreaking 1990 documentary Truth or Dare, that chronicles a cocktail star’s Blonde Ambition World Tour. Wearing oversized T-shirts, Gault embellished Madonna’s face for many nights of a tour, slanderous with Madonna as she did her makeup.

In a documentary, Gault says she got roofied and raped during a bar during a New York apportionment of a tour. When Madonna listened a news, she mocked a makeup artist, blaming her for removing assaulted. The impulse has condemned Madonna and positive Gault’s place in cocktail enlightenment history. Tragedy hovers over a life of a lady who creates celebrities’ faces demeanour “shiny and happy.”

As Gault wrote in a heading of an Instagram post of her crying, “Sad.”

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