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Let’s face it ladies, removing prepared in a morning, either it’s putting on makeup or doing a hair, isn’t always so glamorous. It can be messy, time-consuming and unorganized. A new consult found that women spend an normal of 55 mins any morning on their coming or a sum of 6.4 hours any week, while group spend a sum of 4.5 hours a week removing ready!

As 2016 begins, many of us are creation New Year’s resolutions to be some-more organized, though how can we keep those resolutions and make them a partial of a bland life? Lifestyle consultant and creator of a Dollup Beauty purchase Nikki Hynek shows Amber how we can facilitate a morning routines in only a few elementary steps!


1. Makeup during home – As for makeup, a pivotal is to be organized! GLAMBOXES keep your makeup right where we can see it and we can even have your daily essentials in a apart drawer. GLAMboxes come in an array of options, so we can get artistic and classify your way. All makeup boxes come with a brush Holder, shifting divider, and crisscross divider.

Time Saved: 35-minutes any week


2. Color Me – Putting on your substructure can be time-consuming when we have to mix it with a brush or sponge, so how about regulating this new sonic substructure applicator, leader of a Elle and Harper’s Beauty Awards?! Color Met taps glass and powder foundations on during a rate of 15,000 taps per notation – slicing focus down to only 2-minutes and giving we a flawless airbrushed look.

Time Saved: 35-minutes any week


3. Dollup – You can save your final touches like mascara, impertinence tint, lipstick for your commute. My Dollup purchase binds all we need to doll-up and touch-up on a go. On this side is a customizable captivating palette to reason shadows, blushes and powders, and this side has effervescent holding bands for brushes, liners and lipsticks so we have all we need in one tiny box that’s stylish adequate to lift as a clutch. It even has a overlay down mirror, creation it a ideal unstable vanity!

Time Saved: 50-minutes any week


4. Hair – Now that your hair is partially dry, we can use a Click and Curl to get a salon peculiarity blowout during home. Click n Curl is a detachable turn brush styling apparatus that allows we to dry and character all in one step!

Time saved: 50 mins any week.


5. Nails – And finally, if we are rushing out a doorway and blemish or chip a nail, LONDONTOWN’s Instant Smudge Fix will correct anything in only a few minutes, Simply paint a cloak of blemish repair over a tip of a spike and watch as it smooths out a dent, chip or smudge, wait 30-seconds and request a covering of tip coat.

Time Saved: 30-minutes a week

To learn more, revisit www.dollupbeauty.com.

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