Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkin Gave Barbie New Hairstyles, & They Look Familiar — PHOTOS


The best partial of personification Barbies as a small lady was hands down giving them hair makeovers. Although, cave were nowhere nearby as stylish as Jen Atkin’s, who only combined 4 hairstyles for Barbie, according to Seventeen. Upon closer examination, we have to contend — these styles demeanour pretty familiar. Spoiler: If we know who Atkin’s many famous clients are, afterwards we might have an thought of where this is headed.

The celebrity hairstylist, famous for styling a Kardashian’s famous tresses, teamed adult with Mattel to emanate 4 new hairstyles for Barbie. we mean, a prolonged true hair was cold and all, though it’s time she upped her hair diversion a bit, don’t we think? While my Barbie hair makeovers would engage botched and angled cuts with my patterned scissors and color jobs pleasantness of neon markers, a new styles are totally smart and desirous by today’s many renouned cuts. And you’ve substantially seen a few of these before.

Only dual styles have been expelled so far, and they’re so fierce, they already make me wish we was small again! The initial is a high ponytail, that Atkin explained is “the clarification of #ponytailgoals with a super thick, high, flirty textured hack a lot like versions I’ve finished on several of my luminary clients. we adore how her dim strands span ideally with a dim lip, it’s so downtown NYC chic!”

Done it on her luminary clients, hm? Now where have we seen this before…

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know you’re successful when you’re moving Barbie’s hair.

The second character is, of course, a character of a moment: a lob. “Absolutely desirous by a stylish models off a runway who always demeanour extraordinary ON or OFF duty…this stylish conform throw with a dim base and light ends creates her so complicated and fab! It’s ideal for day or night,” Atkin said.

I’m really digging a throw on Barbie, though this isn’t a initial fashion lob Atkin has cut.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We still have dual some-more styles to be released, though my bets on Kim, Kendall, Kourtney (or maybe even Kris!) hairstyles stuffing those final dual spots.


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