Diary of a Celebrity Makeup Maven: Entry 1

Diary of a Celebrity Makeup Maven: Entry 1

A vehement review with Deida Massey on her tour to a tip as a Christian, luminary makeup artist.

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Deida PhotoOver a subsequent few weeks, we will be featuring blog entries from luminary makeup artist Deida Massey on her knowledge as a Christian makeup artist in a party industry. Learn some-more about Deida’s tour as she answers a initial doubt next and check behind any Monday for Deida’s latest blog entry.

How did we start your career as a makeup artist?

 I started my career as a veteran makeup artist in 1998. While receiving a Master of Jurisprudence from a Loyola University School of Law and operative full-time as a paralegal, we worked nights and weekends during makeup counters in downtown Chicago.

While building my certainty operative during several makeup counters, we started aiding some internal makeup artists. Through assisting, we was afforded a event to get illustration with Ford Models Management Team in Chicago. My representative requisitioned me on promotion and editorial shoots for magazines, commercials and hair ads.

Christmas 1999, a family crony bought me dual self-help makeup books by Reggie Wells and Sam Fine who are both pioneers in a makeup industry. we suspicion after reading both books, maybe my crony was promulgation me a subconscious summary to jump-start my career in makeup. Well to my surprise, and everybody else, it worked!

Working during a counters, for Ford Models and reading those dual books gave me a courage, certainty and clarity we indispensable to select a career as a veteran makeup artist. Before we knew we could make a vital doing makeup, we entirely researched a industry. More importantly, we asked those who were in a business how remunerative it was.

Transitioning from a 9 to 5 to self-employment, we contingency acknowledge we was a bit apprehensive. Later, after holding a jump of faith, it became one of a many rewarding decisions of my life.

I remember holding a category in a Chicago area by a lady who had jam-packed a attention in Los Angeles. we figured if we wanted to pierce there, we indispensable to start receiving information that would assistance me put a devise in place.While in a seminar, a difference “relocation” resonated within me as she explained some really critical stairs one indispensable to take in sequence to be successful. we quit my 9 to 5 in 2002, ecstatic my car, rented my condo and took a bold step towards a life of uncertainty.

After putting a devise in place and alighting in Los Angeles, my roommate and we networked with people within a industry. Through networking, we landed jobs on song videos with DMX and Keyshia Cole during a time. Later, a tighten crony worked with Def Jam West and started engagement me on print shoots and videos with Ludacris and other artists that would after assistance build my resume.

I primarily changed to LA to work in film and television. However, we knew by encountering new territory, we had to work my devise initial and afterwards govern by perseverance. While vital in LA, we still worked during makeup counters to assistance build my confidence. we was focused and worked a prophesy GOD had given me.

When we changed to LA in 2002, we never knew or even sought to turn a luminary makeup artist. Even conference a word currently seems so cliché. However, GOD’s dreams are bigger than any dreams we have for a lives. My dreams are still maturation and each step of a approach we have schooled to trust GOD.

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Deida Massey

Deida Massey

Deida Massey is an A-List luminary makeup artist and author of Face Values: The Foundation of Beauty. In further to operative in a makeup attention for some-more than 17 years, she is also a owner of Reel Beauty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit classification that strives to make inner-city girls feel pleasing as good as supply them with collection to assistance them lead successful lives.

Deida Massey

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