Diary of a Celebrity Makeup Maven: Entry 2

Diary of a Celebrity Makeup Maven: Entry 2

Celebrity MUA Deida Massey is behind with another entrance in her array about her successful career and how her faith in God finished it all happen.

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Deida PhotoWe are behind with a second blog entrance from luminary makeup artist Deida Massey on her knowledge as a Christian makeup artist in a party industry. Learn some-more about Deida’s tour as she answers a second doubt next and check behind any week for Deida’s latest blog entry.

How does your faith play a purpose in your work?

My faith plays a good purpose in a work we do today. If it had not been for my Faith, we would not have a ability to quit my pursuit of 16 years and pursue my passion and purpose.

The bible says “It is unfit to greatfully GOD though faith (Hebrews 11:6).” we have taken this scripture and used it to propel my life in ways that usually GOD can. For me, it’s simply, faith moves God! we unequivocally came to know this when we wanted to quit my pursuit and do what GOD had purposed me to do.

Scripture also tells us “Faith though works is upheld (James 2:17)” and “Faith is a justification of things not seen though hoped for (Hebrews 11:1).” All of these scriptures helped me get to where we am today.

Faith and works work together. Therefore, we had to investigate my enterprise to turn a makeup artist. we worked during counters in Saks Fifth Ave and Marshall Fields on weekends and after propagandize to assistance build my certainty as a makeup artist. It also helped me to learn skin tones and a focus of opposite ethnicities.

I trust when GOD saw me relocating in works, my faith was being increasing and developed. we never sought to turn a luminary makeup artist. It was in GODS devise for me to be one. we didn’t know it; we usually changed not usually in faith though bravery as well.

When Scripture says “Faith is a justification of things not seen though hoped for,” we couldn’t see where my Faith would take me. we hoped to be successful and for all to work out as GOD intended. we schooled by my knowledge of relocating that GOD was examination me pierce in Faith.

It is formidable to do anything we don’t see or to trust something we’ve never done. However, we am a loyal follower that that GOD has a devise for a lives and a word says “His skeleton is to pullulate us and not to mistreat us to give us wish and a destiny (Jeremiah 29:11).”

GOD’s devise for me in LA was some-more than we had illusory for my life professionally and personally. While vital in LA, we met pivotal persons who helped me in furthering my career as an artist. In addition, GOD positioned me strategically to get opportunities we would never have imagined had we not stepped out on Faith.

Finally, my faith helped me trust GOD some-more and some-more any day. Witnessing a doors opening that my faith constructed was amazing. It taught me to trust GOD in all and, some-more importantly, trust a process.

In life, we go by many processes though we don’t learn to suffer or welcome a routine or tour until a over. Today I’m still training to welcome a journey. The tour is there to learn us, widen us and boost a faith.

It was and is usually by Grace and forgiveness I’m still here. But it’s by Faith that my career continues to grow. we always contend “Faith it until we make it.”

Did we skip Deida’s initial blog entrance on how she got her start as a luminary makeup artist? Check it out here.

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Deida Massey

Deida Massey

Deida Massey is an A-List luminary makeup artist and author of Face Values: The Foundation of Beauty. In further to operative in a makeup attention for some-more than 17 years, she is also a owner of Reel Beauty, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit classification that strives to make inner-city girls feel pleasing as good as supply them with collection to assistance them lead successful lives.

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