Father of Scientology trainer David Miscavige bares all on shun from church, compares son to autocrat in grave new book

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Tom Cruise (2nd from r.) and David Miscavige (r.) benefaction themselves as a best of friends.

The Church of Scientology’s Miscavige house is a family that preys together — and apart.

David Miscavige, authority of a house of argumentative eremite group, and his 80-year-old father are waging holy fight over a dad’s bomb new book “Ruthless.”

Ex-Scientologist Ron Miscavige reveals his Mar 2012 shun from a church led his son to dispatch private detectives with a strike man’s arsenal of weapons in their automobile box to shade him.

The elder Miscavige draws a grave design of life within a Church’s spiny handle California compound, and equates his son with a sociopath who manners by terror.

The debate has irreversibly ruptured a initial family of Scientology.

Ron’s dual daughters, both Scientology members, are now refusing to let him revisit with his grandkids.

The Church characterizes a book as “half-truths and undisguised lies,” and went to singular lengths to rebut a allegations — extenuation ABC News a singular on-air speak with a lawyer, Monique Yingling.

A four-paragraph Scientology matter ripped Ronald Miscavige for perplexing to spin a discerning sire off his son’s high-profile position.

“Any father exploiting his son in this demeanour is a unhappy use in betrayal,” a matter said. “Scientologists worldwide adore and honour Mr. David Miscavige for his untiring work on interest of their religion.”

Ron lifted his family in Scientology, and assimilated a Sea Organization (Sea Org) — a chosen corps who assistance run a Church — in 1985.

His son David was already tighten to a apex of a Church hierarchy. When owner L. Ron Hubbard died in 1986, David presented himself to a thronging true as a new Chairman of a Board (COB) and Ecclesiastical Leader.

According to his father, David’s early priority was to spin luminary Scientologists like Tom Cruise and John Travolta into open family gold.

Cruise was already a member when David done a indicate of visiting a Florida film set where a megastar was scheming to fire a 1990 film “Days of Thunder” with Nicole Kidman.

According to a book, David came divided spooky with Cruise — who was still gripping his membership on a down low. The COB greeted Cruise with a stately accepting when a actor returned a preference and visited Miscavige.

Controversial Scientology personality David Miscavige is indicted of iniquitous function in a new book — created by his possess father.PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images

Controversial Scientology personality David Miscavige is indicted of iniquitous function in a new book — created by his possess father.

The dual bonded, and Ron claims he was told they once allegedly staged a midnight competition by Los Angeles in detached sports cars. In a years since, they’ve done a open uncover of being best friends.

David was even best male during Cruise’s blowout marriage to Katie Holmes in 2006.

As COB, David poured millions of dollars into finishing construction of a tip devalue located 100 miles easterly of Los Angeles.

The Gold Base was a showcase of 50 buildings with ominous security: High fences surfaced with razor wire, a barbs scarcely incited inward. The area is heavily patrolled, with ensure towers and suit sensor cameras alerting confidence to any surprising movement.

The Church claims a impassioned measures are in place to strengthen a millions of dollars of apparatus housed in a state of a art media prolongation studio.

The book, created with associate Scientology defector/critic Dan Koon, claims a confidence is used to keep arrange and record members corralled and roughed adult during David’s whim.

Echoing published accounts of other escapees and justice testimony, a book describes horrific scenes of groups of offenders hold warrant for months — some for years — in “The Hole.”

Alleged violators were designated as a “suppressive person,” forced to confess their sins to a group, and afterwards pounded by screaming organisation members.

The Church insists that when David schooled staff members were abusing others, he systematic it stopped.

Ron recounts a story listened first-hand that David once forced a organisation of Scientologists to play a horrific diversion of low-pitched chairs. The unfortunate players threw any other around, ripping garments and violation chairs, as they fought for a final seat.

The Church claims a story is inflated, that David was merely creation a indicate that crew changes are like low-pitched chairs.

The book serve alleges David once interrogated a staff member in front of others by cheering questions while spitting on him. Another aim was outcast to live in a swamp, left to build his possess lean-to, and limited in a fenced-in area for a year.

The church denies both stories.

The church has done a accordant bid to woo A-list celebrities.Getty Images/Getty Images

The church has done a accordant bid to woo A-list celebrities.

By Ron’s account, David strode around in mirrored sunglasses while instituting measures as oppressive as those imposed in North Korea by a scandalous madman, Kim Jong Un.

Entrance into a disdainful Sea Org comes during a cost. New members pointer a “Billion Year Contract,” forfeiting all their personal rights, on admittance.

According to a book, members are forced to work 7 days a week from breakfast to midnight. They are frequently yanked from beds in a diminutive hours to perform some urgent, if pointless, task.

Yingling told ABC News that workers approaching to put in prolonged hours.

Ron writes that he went 12 years though enjoying a day off. He missed many family occasions, and was usually authorised to attend his brother’s wake in a association of dual minders and an armed private investigator.

They would not concede him to speak to his oldest son, Ronnie, who had left Scientology years before.

While David dined nightly on epicurean meals, given a choice of dual entrees by his personal chef, a members tarry on a keep diet with a $20-a-week food allotment.

David pot a intemperate 45,000 feet block bureau building, rebuilt some-more than once to accommodate his demands, for his disdainful use. His staff numbers usually about ten.

The members, estimated during about 1,000 people, are swarming into dormitories where a usually TV is in a common room. Many are too fearful to watch it.

As a years passed, Ron claims a restrictions became augmenting invasive.

Incoming and effusive mail was non-stop and censored. Members were forced to contention a created ask for authorisation to call family members — and calls were monitored on an extension.

The misfortune occurrence for Ron came when he was “overboarded,” a use dating behind to when Hubbard ruled from a yacht anchored off a seashore in Clearwater, Fla.

Members were punished by being tossed 20 feet into a sea.

Science novella author L. Ron Hubbard founded a classification in a 1950s. Evening Standard/Getty Images

Science novella author L. Ron Hubbard founded a classification in a 1950s.

Enlarge Cruise is a print child of Scientology. PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images

Cruise is a print child of Scientology.


Science novella author L. Ron Hubbard founded a classification in a late 1950s, and Cruise is now a print boy.

David reinstituted a practice, and his father was marched to a mill overpass over a lake. Allowed usually to take off his boots and his watch, Ron was pushed entirely dressed over a corner into a ghastly H2O below.

Scientologist counsel Yingling claims a use was voluntary.

David yearned for years to escape, though he had married associate Scientologist Becky Bigelow and she was demure to leave. Finally, Mar 25, 2012, they staged their getaway.

It was a Sunday, when a integrate followed an determined routine. The integrate would expostulate opposite State Route 79 to a usually fridge members are authorised to use.

Typically, they would eat some cheese and salami. On this morning, once they upheld by a guardhouse, a integrate tore down a highway — meaningful a always-at-the prepared follow cars were in pursuit.

Eluding their captors, a integrate gathering dual days to Whitewater, Wis., to a home of Becky’s mother.

Two Scientologists shortly appeared, insisting Ron had to return. They gave adult after a month, and a integrate insincere their prolonged calamity was over.

At one point, Ron wrote to David seeking for money. After 27 years operative for Sea Org, he was incompetent for Social Security. Ron was astounded and beholden to accept a $100,000 check, and he bought a home.

Ron joyfully reconnected with his son Ronnie, and his dual daughters in Clearwater. He talked and texted mostly with Denise, David’s twin, and Lori. They filled him in on a lives of his many grandchildren.

But he knew zero of what son David was adult to.

In Jul 2013, authorities paid Ron a revisit to surprise him that dual private investigators from a Church of Scientology had followed him for over a year.

In a sitdown with military and an ATF agent, Ron was told a neighbor had reported dual questionable group sneaking about. Investigation suggested they were a father-and-son team, Daniel and Dwayne Powell, collecting a weekly $10,000 fee.

The Church had invested $500,000 to tail him. In a box of a Powells’ SUV, a cops found handguns, rifles, ammo, a jolt gun, a long-range camera and a satellite computer.

Ron Miscavige's book, “Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me,” co-written with associate church censor Dan Koon.St. Martin’s Press

Ron Miscavige’s book, “Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me,” co-written with associate church censor Dan Koon.

The investigators pronounced their categorical customer was David Miscavige. Their pursuit was to “dig adult mud on this male to make certain he can’t do anything to bake a Church.”

Dwayne Powell recounted saying Ron gaunt over and squeeze his chest in a grocery store parking lot. Powell insincere a aged male was carrying a heart conflict and called his client.

The man, who identified himself as David Miscavige, said, “If he dies, he dies. Don’t intervene.”

Ron Miscavige was simply perplexing to stop his dungeon phone from descending out of his shirt pocket.

Lawyer Yingling’s version: A group of attorneys hired a investigators, and David knew zero about it.

Yingling also constructed created statements from David’s twin, Denise, and Lori job their childhood home a “chamber of horrors.” They indicted Ron of distinguished them with his fists and belt.

He divorced his initial wife, Loretta, before fasten Sea Org. She died in 2005.

To blacken Ron’s character, a Church has regenerated a 1985 box where Ron was charged with attempted rape in Pennsylvania. The Scientologists had formerly referred to Ron as a plant of mistaken identity.

David indeed sent a Scientology counsel in to urge his father. The assign was forsaken in a pretrial conference when a declare pronounced she wasn’t certain Ron was her attacker.

It was afterwards that a beholden Ron motionless to go to work for a Church.

While Scientology seems quite rattled by this book, other escapees have reached out to Ron.

Lisa Marie Presley, who also deserted Scientology, has come to his defense. Leah Remini, whose exposé “Troublemaker” done headlines final year, is another supporter.

Meanwhile, it stays to be seen how this “Game of Thrones” conflict ripping detached a initial family of Scientology will play out.

Is winter finally entrance to Gold Base?

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