Gwen Stefani's Makeup Artist Wants Everyone to Chill Out About This Look

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Everyone has one of those nights where they try a new demeanour or product and notwithstanding their best efforts, it ends adult descending a small flat. Even celebrity beauty icons can have one of those odd (but mostly miss) moments. Take Gwen Stefani’s demeanour during a 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Known for her thespian swift ship and flush lips, when a thespian stepped on theatre to join beloved Blake Shelton for a duet, a star looked, well, different. Her eyes weren’t lined (gasp) and her lips were nude. The viewers went B-A-N-A-N-A-S on amicable media and a commenters weren’t feeling “hellagood” about her new look. 

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Commenters were focused some-more on Stefani’s miss of eyeliner than her performance. The reactions ranged from concerns about a singer’s health to oppressive comments in a form of  “helpful” tips about how to scrupulously apply makeup. One Twitter user even went as distant as to digitally redo Stefani’s makeup to give her behind her signature look.

The common gibberish got behind to Stefani’s makeup artist, Gregory Arlt, a male obliged for many of a singer’s classical looks that a universe has come to know and love. He eventually spoke adult to urge a some-more dark demeanour around a post on Facebook. “It’s fundamentally what we’ve always been doing, only no top ship or fake lashes (and yes, a dark mouth as against to a color). You’d consider we sent her out with coloured moisturizer and chapstick from what people were saying!” wrote Arlt.

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Despite carrying a famous go-to style, Arlt says he and Stefani are not fearful to change it adult and try something new. “Gwen is a ultimate Barbie head—we venerate experimenting and perplexing new things; infrequently pointed (Ooh! A pinkish lip! Ahh! Lining her eyes with shade instead of liquid!) and infrequently thespian (I frosty her eyebrows for a ‘Push And Shove’ video and sent her out onstage for a awards opening with a nude, pared down [’90s] supermodel, sun-kissed look).”

Even yet a open didn’t venerate a look, Arlt says a night stands out since of a good time he and Stefani had removing ready. “Bottom line? We had fun. One of a best times removing her ready, with a room full of people who venerate any other, shouting and enormous jokes while reveling in a fad of behaving a series one strain on an awards show,” he wrote. Now a universe can rest easy meaningful that Stefani’s red mouth and confidant ship will make it’s jubilant lapse (phew!). 

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