Harrison Ford fraudulent detain import was a outcome of a patrolman training practice flub

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Harrison Ford’s name and age were listed in a fraudulent detain import final week, that cops contend was a outcome of a training use mistake.

How’s this for a tract twist?

Huntington Beach, Calif. military have suggested that Harrison Ford’s name and age were listed on their online detain record final week since a rookie patrolman entered a 73-year-old star’s information as partial of a training exercise.

Officers within a dialect have been conducting a training use for a past 6 months that requires them to enter feign information into a complement to use record keeping, according to a Orange County Register.

All of a mistake accounts are uploaded with flagged box numbers to safeguard they’re not mistaken for a genuine box — though things didn’t go according to script final Thursday.

“Of a thousands of new training entries, one was not scrupulously deleted, and it incidentally seemed on a open detain record for a brief time,” military told a OC Register. “No one by a name of Harrison Ford, luminary or otherwise, was arrested by a Huntington Beach Police Department yesterday.”

TMZ noticed final week that someone with a same name and age as a “Star Wars” actor was listed on a online detain record for inflicting “corporal injury” on their associate and for possessing a tranquil substance.

Huntington Beach military have been entering feign cases and deletion them for a past 6 months as partial of a record-keeping training exercise.© Bob Riha Jr / Reuters/REUTERS

Huntington Beach military have been entering feign cases and deletion them for a past 6 months as partial of a record-keeping training exercise.

The luminary report site reported during a time that a detain was bogus, observant that a box ID series didn’t line adult with a numerical settlement of a genuine detain accounts in a system.

“Mistakes happen,” Capt. Russ Reinhardt told a OC Register.

Authorities reportedly have no goal of changing their training use following a occurrence though betrothed to be some-more committed in deletion feign entries.

A orator for a Huntington Beach Police Dept. did not immediately lapse a Daily News’ call. Ford’s repute told a Daily News final week that a “Indiana Jones” star was out of a nation when a fraudulent detain record surfaced.


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