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Whether it’s a certain luminary character or engineer acumen, a oppulance home kick is a good sugar hole to fish for ideas and inspiration. This week’s line snared a operation of eye-catching homes and features. Here are a few of a favorites.

Neal J. Leitereg

A doctrine of layers

What improved place to start a pattern debate than a Beverly Hills home of Barbara Barry. The famed engineer is asking $6.995 million for her villa-style home that has served as her personal pattern laboratory for scarcely a decade.

From a relaxing hues to a pointed textures to a pieces from her protected collections, each in. of a 5,000 block feet of layered interiors is an practice in Barry’s distinguished style.

Barry bought a home in a Beverly Hills post bureau area scarcely a decade ago for $5.44 million. (Anthony Barcelo)

Between a stone and a cold place

It didn’t take prolonged for Rock Hudson’s onetime Studio City home to go pending, and it’s easy to see why.

Listed for $1.095 million, a Ralph Bowerman-designed post-and-beam retains a large good looks with purify lines, thick beams and far-reaching suspended eaves. Walls of potion hang a exterior, creation a home’s tree-topped drift and drought-tolerant landscaping feel as if they’re roughly inside.

Expect a stream owner, film executive Jason Moore, to see a plain lapse on a $640,000 investment he done 4 years ago.

Moore put his Studio City home with ties to shade fable Rock Hudson adult for sale during $1.095 million. (Luke Gibson Photography | Inset: Getty Images)

Game on

Local football product and NFL punter Chris Kluwe sold his Orange County home this week for $1.84 million, effectively kicking to a quell one of a cooler male caves we’ve seen around these parts.

The traditional-style home in a gated Huntington Beach village had a tradition video diversion room that was featured on an part of a DIY Network array “Man Caves.” Stadium seating, a twin gaming core and a drop-down projection shade are only a few of a perks of Kluwe’s tradition cave.

Kluwe sole his Huntington Beach home with a tradition video diversion room for $1.84 million. (Redfin | Los Angeles Times)

Baywatch boutique

The marital home of Pamela Anderson and former father Rick Salomon came to marketplace this week in Las Vegas. Set behind gates in a Summerlin community, a 11,000-square-foot home facilities interiors designed by a former “Baywatch” babe.

Among those of note is a complicated kitchen with tradition cabinetry, a veteran sound theatre and a intemperate master apartment with an oversized tub. Asking price: $5.2 million.

The marital home of Anderson and her former husband, Salomon, is for sale nearby Las Vegas for $5.2 million. (Eric Penrod / Perfect Images Real Estate Photography | Los Angeles Times)

A window into his world

It’s wise that walls of potion are a signature underline of Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella’s Seattle-area home. Nadella this week sole a 1960s house, that features, among other things, a two-story wall of windows centered on breathtaking views, for $2.775 million. Pretty good deliberation he paid only $1.385 million for a pad some-more than a decade ago.

Nadella sole his home in Clyde Hill, Wash., for $2.775 million. ( | Getty Images)

Rose-to-close ceremony

Television writer Mike Fleiss gamble on new construction on a North Shore of Kauai … and won.

The creator of existence TV array “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” had small difficulty anticipating a compare for his newly built compound, that closed sale in about 5 weeks for $11.4 million.

Features of a sprawling 7.3-acre widespread embody a Balinese-inspired categorical house, a apart guest residence and a 100-foot saltwater swimming pool. A array of hardwood decks interconnects a property, while a private pavement leads directly to a beach below.

Fleiss sole his tradition estate in Hawaii for $11.4 million. (Hawaii Life Real Estate | Getty Images)

New demeanour in a 90210

The longtime home of late entertainers Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley is on a marketplace in Beverly Hills for $7.25 million.

Renovated by SimoDesign, a traditional-style home has a contemporary demeanour with such sum as a floating staircase, complicated light fixtures and a glass-enclosed booze cellar. A soppy bar, a museum room and a yoga studio are only a few amenities within a 6,200-square-foot home.

The renovated home on three-quarters of an hactare in Beverly Hills was before owned by late entertainers Gary Collins and Mary Ann Mobley. (Berlyn Photography | Associated Press)

#TBT to a aged Kardashian days

Calabasas has always been home to a Jenner-Kardashian clan, though it hasn’t always been a same house.

In gated Calabasas Park, a Mediterranean-style home once owned by radio personalities Caitlyn and Kris Jenner recently sole for $2.351 million. The Jenners owned a approximately 4,600-square-foot residence from 2004 to 2006.

The “Keeping Up With a Kardashians” stars, who divorced in 2014, bought a residence in 2004 for $1.765 million and sole it dual years after for $2.425 million. Caitlyn now resides in Malibu, while Kris creates her home in gated Hidden Hills.

From a archives

It was 20 years ago this week that “Friends” star Courteney Cox done a dash on a Westside, shopping a home in a Brentwood area for around $2 million. Cox eventually would sell a home on Carmelina Avenue 6 years after to speak uncover horde Ricki Lake for $5.6 million.

Lake, in turn, owned a residence for some-more than a decade before offered it in 2014 to actor Tobey Maguire for a cold $8.45 million. Maguire, to his credit, flipped a residence a year after for a distinction of scarcely $2 million.

What we’re reading

— A villa once owned by song fable Prince continues to languish on a marketplace in southern Spain with a cost tab of roughly $5.91 million, according to Bloomberg. The late cocktail idol bought a residence in a gated Marbella enclave in 1998 as a benefaction for this then-wife, Mayte Garcia. He eventually sole it in 2006.

— Frank McCourt, remember him? The former owners of a Dodgers hasn’t been creation most sound on a West Coast given he sole a team, though he’s been bustling on a other side of a country. The Palm Beach Post reports that McCourt recently sold an equestrian plantation in Wellington, Fla., for $11.85 million. The Wellington area has prolonged captivated titans of industry, including billionaire Bill Gates, who owns a array of equestrian properties in a area.

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