Hot Property: Fast times in a realty market

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If we had to collect a singular word other than “hot” to report a Southern California housing market, we’d have to go with “active.” Sellers and buyers are in hurry-up mode, homes are relocating discerning and a coercion in a genuine estate marketplace is fueling full-price offers and overbidding.

Here’s a sampling of this week’s realty news that supports a semantic selection.

Neal J. Leitereg and Lauren Beale

Multimillion-dollar turnaround

Who spends $12.7 million on a Pacific Palisades prize home in Sep and only 6 months after puts it adult for sale during $12.895 million? Somebody with discerning moves, of course, on a basketball justice and off.

DeAndre Jordan, a Los Angeles Clippers center, is ready to pass on his somewhat used Cape Cod-inspired three-story mansion with 10,500 block feet of vital space, a basketball half-court, an indoor practice pool and a tip room with a dark passage. He did supplement a putting immature during his brief stay.

DeAndre Jordan put his Pacific Palisades home adult for sale during $12.895 million. ( | Inset: Associated Press)

Another discerning off-court move

There contingency be something about a dispatch of a NBA. Current ESPN researcher and former Cleveland Cavalier Brad Daugherty has put his chateau in a Hope Ranch area of Santa Barbara adult for sale after reduction than a year of ownership.

He bought a ranch-style home final year for about $2.356 million and is seeking $2.795 million. With a improvements he done — his refurbish of a kitchen concerned stealing a core island — and commissions, he competence finish adult during a break-even indicate financially. But during some-more than dual acres with a swimming pool and a three-stall barn, it’s a good bucolic property. Hope he enjoyed it.

The three-bedroom plantation chateau sits on some-more than dual acres in Santa Barbara. ( | Getty Images)

No slicing for “Dexter”

Michael C. Hall, famous for his starring purpose on a noted TV array “Dexter,” found a home customer peaceful to pay a accurate seeking cost of $4.85 million for his Los Feliz compound. No slashing, slicing or gashing required. The Spanish Colonial Revival-style house, set behind gates and hedges, sits on some-more than a third of an hactare with a guesthouse and a swimming pool.

Michael C. Hall sole his Los Feliz chateau during seeking price. (

The buyers are biting

“Scorpion” star Eddie Kaye Thomas went from inventory to tighten of escrow in somewhat some-more than a month. Plus he landed $900,000 for his Hollywood Hills bungalow — $50,500 some-more than his seeking price. The modestly sized 1950s chateau has 987 block feet of character-infused interior space. Vaulted exposed-beam ceilings, a dilemma wood-burning grate and built-ins supplement copiousness of charm.

The California bungalow-style home, built in 1959, is in Hollywood Hills. (Charmaine David Photography | Getty Images)

Old business, check

Eric Garcetti only crossed a large object off his agenda. The Los Angeles mayor and his wife, Amy Wakeland, sold their chateau in a Echo Park area for $1.705 million — $55,000 above a seeking price. The 1950s glass-walled post-and-beam home sits on about half an hactare and has views of a city. The bank lot includes terraced unfeeling gardens, fruit trees, patios and an outside dining area. A carport for dual vehicles sits next a house. L.A.’s “first couple” lives in a central mayor’s chateau in Windsor Square.

The post-and-beam chateau sits on tighten to half an hactare in Echo Park. (Michael McNamara / Shooting LA | Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Their de-coupling continues

In a latest pierce to apart their genuine estate holdings, Megan Fox of “Transformers” celebrity and Brian Austin Green sold a Sherman Oaks home for $1.25 million. The actors, who separate ways final year, also sole their home in Toluca Lake this year. The Valley chateau is a rebuilt 2007 one-story that blends normal and contemporary design. A good room with vaulted ceilings unifies a vital room, dining area and kitchen. The place has a family-friendly vibe.

Megan Fox’s aged home in Sherman Oaks sole for $1.25 million. ( | Getty Images)

Revolving celebrities

In a star-studded hand-off standard of a Studio City housing market, Scott Clifton of “The Bold and a Beautiful” is a new owners of a home that actor Adam Arkin recently sole for $1.005 million. Set on a private gated road, a 1956 plantation chateau is tucked divided on a isolated three-quarter-acre bank lot. The still mark looks out on a ravine and trees. It’s easy to see because this place would interest to celebs. Privacy appears to be in abundance.

Scott Clifton bought a Studio City home of actor Adam Arkin for $1.005 million. ( | Getty Images)

From a archives

Twenty years ago, thespian Mariel Hemingway sole her celebrity-pedigree home in Brentwood for about $800,000. She bought a Spanish-style chateau and guest lodge in 1992 from thespian Courteney Cox of “Friends,” creation it her primary chateau before converting a skill to a rental.

A decade ago, comic Bob Newhart and his wife, Virginia, listed their 1.3-acre Wallace Neff-designed estate in Bel-Air for $22 million. The integrate had bought a French Country-style devalue in 1990 for $4.2 million.

What we’re reading

— Back East, a former Billy Joel-owned square of skill famous as Cove Beach is for sale in East Marion, N.Y., during $3.9 million. The empty land encompasses 5.3 acres with a private beach and lagoon. Two homes can be built on a site, that could also be separate into dual tools during $2 million a pop.

— And in a Lone Star State, fun-loving blogger Candace Evans takes readers inside a home in Lakewood, Texas, owned by nation thespian Steve Holy. You’ll have to review a whole story if we wish a skinny, though here’s a sampling: “great kismet and song juju come with a chateau naturally.”

For some-more oppulance genuine estate, revisit us during a Hot Property blog and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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