How Real Are Reality Shows

Reality shows have become the core of television programming. It is almost easier for some celebrities to get the green light for reality shows than it is for dramas or sitcoms. There is a reason for this. It involves the new generation of viewers that have short attention spans. This is the same generation that follows celebrities on Twitter. Many teens and young adults are more interested in the drama that unfolds in the lives of celebrities. This can be entertaining, but sometimes the overwhelming tension on the shows just seems to be fake. That has led some viewers to ponder on whether reality shows are actually real.

Scripted for a Reason

There is not a single person on Earth that has a life that is so interesting that a show could be made about it. It is true that people that drama and excitement in their lives, but these are often fleeting moments. The average reality show has these climax moments and dramatic outcomes every week. It has to be scripted in order to get people to continue tuning in. Cameras that followed the unscripted movements of the most people – celebrities included – would result in boring television programming.

Conceptually True

What reality show lovers must realize is that most shows – like many “based on a true story” movies – are what is known as conceptually true. In other words, the overarching theme of the show may have some truth to it. The daily coming and goings of these reality stars, however, are often scripted in a way that adds excitement.

There are things that obviously cannot be made up. Accidents happen all the time. Some reality stars get sick. This can all occur while the cameras are rolling. It can be made to look different when the cameras are rolling though. People that are in front of a camera will often put on a false face for a show.

Keeping the Viewers Hooked

When a reality show becomes popular there is always pressure to keep the viewers hooked. These reality shows are, after all, competing with television shows that have professional actors. Since these reality shows are cut and edited into shows that form a season there has to be a season opening and season ending show. These are spectacular new season beginnings and cliffhanger season ending shows. There is obviously a script in place to make this happen.

Once viewers start liking a show it will be based on ratings. Writers have to come up ideas to push the show forward. Sometimes reality show stars find themselves compromising values to push the show.

Credits at the End of the Show

Anyone that doubts that their favorite reality shows is scripted should simply wait until the shows are ending. As the credits role it will be fairly easy to notice that there are writers for the show. If there are writers in place this clearly means that there had to be a story line to develop.

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