How To Do Kate Middleton Makeup

Easy Steps to Achieve the Make-Up Look Of Kate Middleton

One of the many things that is admired about Kate Middleton is her natural beauty. Any woman knows that it is not always easy to achieve that type of look. However but by following these simple steps, anyone can get the same make-up look as Kate Middleton

Make-up and supplies needed
Make-up brushes
Eyelash curlers
HD foundation
Two-tone bronzer
Taupe eye shadow
Natural shape of lipgloss
Smokey shade of mascara
Eye pencil-black
Dark chocolate eyebrow powder

Step 1- Foundation
Dab some foundation to the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Take a buffing make-up brush and work the foundation into the skin in a circular motion. Make sure to not forget under the eyes and nose.

Step 2- Concealer application
The concealer should be a few shades lighter than your skin color and is used to any redness or any dark circles under the eyes. Apply the concealer under the eyes but make sure to blend in the edges for a flawless look. Apply dabs of concealer to any other spots and blend.

Step 3- Bronzer
Apply the bronzer to the area just below the check bones. Keep the application light. Also, Kate Middleton usually brings the bronzer up onto the check bone.

Step 4-Powder
Use a round face brush to apply powder to the face. This will help to create a matte finish. Do not go to heavy with the powder. The best tip is to use the powder off of the lid to keep from applying the powder too heavily to the face. Remember to apply in a circular motion.

Step 5- Blush
Apply a peach blush on top of the bronzer on the cheek bone. Go light at first and add color if necessary.

Step 6- Concealer for the eyes
By applying concealer to the eyes it gives something for the eye shadow to stick to which means that it will last longer. It will also help to keep the eye shadow from creasing. Apply the concealer from the bone to the lash line. Make sure to blend it well.

Step 7- Eye color
Next, apply the eye color to the eye. Depending on the type of eye cream, you need to apply quickly.

Step 8-Eyeliner
Apply the eyeliner under the lower lash line. Keep the line thin and use a brush to blend. Do the same with the upper leash line and join the lines at the corner of the eye.

Step 9-Eyebow powder
Apply the eyebrow powder to the eyebrow with a brush. Follow the natural shape of the eyebrow for a fuller, natural looking eyebrow.

Step 10-Lipgloss
With a lip brush, apply the lipgloss to both lips.

Step 11-Eyelashes
Place the eyelash curler over the eyelashes and close. Push the curler towards the eyes to avoid pulling the eyelashes out.

Step 12-Masscara
Apply the mascara starting at the roots and working to the tips. To make the lashes look fuller, apply generously to the tips.

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