How To Do Katy Perry Makeup

Katy Perry always has beautiful makeup, especially her eye makeup. Now you can get the same look with just a few easy steps.

Above all, you need to start with a clean face, so after you have washed your face and rinsed with warm water, start by preparing your face with a liquid foundation and then set with powder. Next you prepare your eyes first with a powder or a neutral tone eyeshadow. Use a soft brush, apply the powder or neutral shadow to the eyelids. Be sure to cover the entire eyelid areas. This helps the colored shadows blend more evenly and easily as compared to using eye shadow over foundation as they tend to stick and in the creases. After this has been completed, choose a shimmery lilac color. Take a tissue and place under your eye to catch any excess eye shadow. Then start applying the lilac color all over the lid area. When you have blended the lilac color, choose a nice white shimmery color. Tap off any excess shadow and start applying underneath the eyebrow. This white shimmery color is being used as a highlighter to brighten the eyes. Then apply a small line of white shadow under the lower lash line as well as it really helps to make the eyes pop.

Next, you can choose a darker plum color to apply to the socket area of the eyelid to givee depth and emphasis. After tapping off any excess shadow, start applying at the socket area across the eyelid with a round fluffy brush. This color helps give a deep smoky look. Continue to bring the plum color down in a tear drop shape towards the lower lash line, and then bringing slightly inward. Then use a long fluffy brush to thoroughly blend the color over the entire eyelid for definition.

The next step in achieving the Fireworks Katy Perry eye makeup is to take a very dark color such as a navy blue and use to define the lash line. Start by applying across the uppe lash line as close as possible. Following this apply to the lowwer lash line as close as possible. Remember to tap off any excess shadow to avoid flaking onto your face.

After you have completed both eyes in the exact manner, you can add a little defintion to your eyebrows. Be sure not to overdo it with the color of your brows; you are simply adding defintion to your brows. Apply two coats of macasara to achieve that open-eyed look. A good tip is to wipe off excess mascara from the wand before applying to avoid clumping.

To complete this look, apply blush to contour your cheekbones. Lightly apply your blush under the cheekbones and slightly fan it upwards. Finally, choose a mauve-toned lipstick and apply to the lips. While applying, smile as this will make application of the lipstick easier and more uniform. You can finish with a dusting of powder to help set the makeup.

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