How To Do Megan Fox Inspired Eye Makeup

Ever since she made her debut on “Transformers”, Megan Fox has been known worldwide as one of the most beautiful women. She has a universal beauty, but in particular she is known for her sexy eyes. Even though she is probably gorgeous without any makeup, we know that her make up plays a key role in her looks. It can seem like getting the Megan Fox eye can be very difficult to do, but in reality it is not. All that a woman needs is the right tools and the right makeup.

Get The Tools

In order to do a smoky and sexy Megan Fox eye, it is important to get the right tools. First eyeshadow primer is needed to make the eyeshadow stay nice all day. For the application of the eyeshadow you will need the following: a blending brush, an application brush, and finally an angle brush. Apart from that, be sure to get all of the colors for the eyeshadows and the eyeliners as well. Apart from the makeup itself, it is important to get the correct false eyelashes and glue. Make sure that the eyelashes are cut to the size of your eyes before applying the makeup.


The first thing to do is to apply a primer over the entire lid of the eye. Eyeshadow primer is important, because it helps the shadow to stay in place all day. Next apply cream eyeshadow over the eyelid as well as along the lash line. The cream eyeshadow will serve as a second base and it will also give the eyeshadow a nice glow. Next apply a light gold or white eyeliner to the waterline of the eye and that will make the eyes look wider and more alert. After the eyeliner is applied, next apply a colored gold or peachy color eyeshadow to the eyelids. After the eyelids have been covered next comes the liner. Apply a black liner along the second half of the eyelid making a wing on the tip of eye. Next go over the eyeliner with a black a black eyeshadow.

After the eyes have been lined, next apply a darker brown or black eyeshadow into the creases of the eye. Using a blending brush blend the darker color into the lighter color but only on the crease and in the corner of the eyelid. Next apply a liquid eyeliner over the inner part of the eye lid and go over it again with a eye liner pencil to make it look more soft.

The next step is to apply mascara to both the top and the bottom lids and after the mascara is placed finally apply the false eyelashes right on top of the eye lashes. Make sure to blend in the eyelashes with the natural lashes using mascara and cover over the glue with eyeliner.

We may not have eyes just like Megan Fox, but by using the right techniques and the right makeup a woman can get a Megan Fox inspired eye in no time.

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