How To Do The Hollywood Gunshot Effect

Lets face it effects are what either makes or breaks a movie. While it may impossible to duplicate a massive Hollywood style studio, it is not impossible to achieve a Hollywood style gunshot effect using simple household items.

Step 1: The Equipment

To create a realistic gunshot effect first, pick out a cheap garden sprayer from your local hardware store. You will be looking for a sprayer with about three feet of clear tubing. Other items that you will need are a small hose clamp, a cork, a small sponge, (the sponge will make for some great looking guts), and lastly you will need some fake blood. You can either buy some from a gag gift, or costume store, or you can make some at home using arrowroot, water, children’s nontoxic paint, and some red food coloring.

Step 2: Assembling The Equipment

Next it is time to attach one end of the tubing to the garden sprayer. You will need the hose clamp. Attach the clump making sure it is tightly secured and no air is able to escape. Open the clamp wide enough to fit up snug to the cap on the sprayer. Be sure to tighten the clamp down as tight as possible. This will assure that no air leaks from the rim of the hose. At the other end of the tubing, cut a mangled hole into the tubing. The hole should be about and inch from the end of the tubing. You want the hole to be just large enough for a piece of the sponge to fit. Pour around two ounces of the fake blood into the tubing, and seal the end of the tubing with the cork. Place the sponge inside of the mangled hole to seal it off. Now find a shirt, (you want to find a shirt that you do not want anymore). Cut a small hole in the area you want the bullet wound to appear. Using Gaffer’s tape, attach the hose to the shirt and line up the end of the hose with the hole in the front of the shirt.

Step 3: Building The Pressure

In order to build up the pressure inside of the tube pump up the garden sprayer. You will need to do this maybe 150-200 times. After the pressure builds up inside of the tube the cork will release from the end of the hose, sending the fake blood spraying into the air, and wowing anyone watching. You will have to match up the timing of the motion of the gun, with the release of the cork and blood, so you will have to practice a few time before showing the trick off. This effect works great for shooting homemade video projects, pranks, Halloween scares, or just to show off to your friends. This trick is safe to work on with kids, and they will just love the realistic look of the effect. Whatever you decide to use this trick for it will surly empress anyone watching.

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