How To Dress Like Rihanna

Rihanna loves to be wild and she’s the quintessential “good girl gone bad.” She turns heads with everything she does and how she dresses is definitely no exception. She somehow manages to look edgy while never looking like she’s trying to hard. With these tips you can learn to master Rihanna’s style too. She has a crazy look for every occasion and here are two casual outfits to get you started.

Rihanna’s Smart-Casual Look

Break all of the fashion rules with this comfortable, crazy look inspired by Rihanna. Start it off with a pair of ripped jeans. Vintage jeans or vintage-style jeans are excellent. Rihanna loves to show off her midriff so low-rise jeans are great, but you can mix it up with high-waisted jeans as well if they’re more your style. Just be sure they are nice and ripped. You can even rip your own pair of old jeans.

To go with your ripped jeans you want an over-sized crop top t-shirt. It can be a plain crop top or you can find one with an interesting texture or design. A holographic effect crop top is good for adding some shimmer to this outfit. Jeans go with anything so go as wild as you want with your crop top.

Finishing off this look of Rihanna’s is easy with a pair of flashy heels. The flashier, the better. Holographic heels are excellent to go with a holographic shirt or even a plain crop top. Chunky heels as well as stilettos will both look great with this edgy, vintage look. Don’t forget your purse, but you want to keep it under-stated. Go with a clutch or even just your wallet so your bag doesn’t distract from your outfit.

Rihanna’s Daytime Look

This is another very casual outfit. Rihanna loves slogan t-shirts and showing off her midriff so for this look you’ll want a cropped tank top with a fun slogan. Instead of jeans, invest in a pair of super-short hot pants. Acid-washed hot pants are definitely the way to go and they aren’t for anyone shy or the faint of heart. To finish off the look top your tank with a bomber jacket. Ideally, you’ll want a vintage, over-sized 80s jacket with the brightest colored and wildest pattern you can find.

As for your choose, a pair of classic Converses are comfortable and cool. You can choose to go with the traditional black Converses or grab even more attention with bright colors or even one of the many patterned designs now available. Don’t even worry about them matching your top or your bomber jacket. High-topped Converses provide some great contrast with the very short shorts.

For other accessories that go with either of these Rihanna-inspired outfits, choose things like chunky gold necklaces and matching gold earrings. Both of these looks are very 80s and vintage 80s jewelry is perfect. Go big and go flashy. If you’d like you can top off your Rihanna style with a pair of big sunglasses too.

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