How To Get Hair Like Tyra Banks

Not only is Tyra Banks a fashion icon, she is also well known for her hair, which is always beautifully done, and well groomed. Tyra rose to fame being a model, and has graced the covers of many magazines. She is not only a top model, but she is one of a few supermodels in the world. When Tyra had her own show, many would tune in daily to get a look at her stylish clothes, her hair, as well as to listen to her topics. If you like Tyra’s hairstyles, you can also get your hair to look just like hers.

Tyra will have many different hairstyles, but many times she tends to go simple and will slick her hair back. At times you’ve seen Tyra in a hairstyle that is straight and free-flowing. To get a hairstyle similar to this, all you have to do is straighten the hair with a straightening iron, and if you have kinky roots, you may want to use a straightening comb too. The straight hairstyle is fairly easy to get, and extensions or weaves, can also help you to achieve a great looking hairstyle that you would see on Tyra Banks.

When you think of Tyra’s hairstyles, Tyra Banks tends to have a lighter hair color. Although this is irrelevant if you’re going for her hairstyle, you may consider using the same color hair is hers, if you’re getting extensions or a weave. One particular hairstyle that Tyra does is slicking her hair back into a ponytail. In order to get this hairstyle, you’ll want to part the hair in the middle, in the front of the hair, or wherever you may see it naturally lie. Once the hair is parted, you’ll want to take wax and rub it throughout the hair, to give it a shiny look.

Make sure to comb through the hair thoroughly and brush it back also, to keep the hair from lumping or clumping underneath the surface. Once it’s combed or brushed back, pull it into a ponytail at the back of your head, just above the nape of your neck. You’ll also want to take a straightening comb and pull it through the end of the hair, in order to straighten out the ponytail completely. It doesn’t hurt to also put extra wax in the hair that comes out of the ponytail, in order to keep it straight and shiny.

If you’re looking to get more sophisticated with the ponytail, you can take a piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie that is keeping the ponytail in place. Take a piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it over the top; and several times around, until it’s completely covered. Make sure that you end with the hair piece at the bottom of the ponytail, after it’s wrapped around several times. You’ll then want to pin the end of the hair piece in place, under the ponytail, so the bobby pin won’t be seen.

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