How To Get Kristen Stewarts Style

Many became a fan of Kristen Stewart after her Twilight movies began airing in the theaters. Although she had done several movies prior to the series, she didn’t truly become a sensation, until the Twilight movies came out. Kristen’s style hasn’t changed much over the years, even after her rise to fame. She has a different look when it comes to makeup and clothing, as opposed to other stars that are out there. Even with her unique style, many like to copy her look. If you want to get Kristen Stewart’s style, there are several ways that you can learn to dress and look like the star.

Kristen tends to be very simple in the way that she dresses. She doesn’t like clothes that are too complicated, and she likes to be comfortable when she dresses in her clothing. In fact, many were surprised to see her in a dress in the past, because this is not usually her typical style. Although she may change up her clothing style from time to time, she typically dresses like her Twilight character, Bella, and she wears regular clothes that make her feel comfortable. Even the gowns she wears on the red carpet, tend to be simple, and in her favorite colors.

Colors that Kristen tends to wear are usually black, white, and red. A dress that may fit into the style that Kristen Stewart would wear is a Romeo and Juliet brand dress. Kristen has been seen wearing a similar type dress that was created by Mark and Camilla. If you want the same look, you can go to a website such as, and you can rent the dress, and not have to buy it; but still get that great Kristen Stewart look. This is a nicely styled dress that fits great into Kristen’s personality.

Kristen tends to like T-bar shoes, so if you’re planning on getting this dress, you’ll want to pair it with some gray high heel, T-bar shoes. The shoes will then complete the look with the dress. When it comes to makeup, Kristin is very simple, and doesn’t do anything that will draw too much attention. You’ll probably just want to do a little blush, maybe some light-colored eye shadow, and possibly some foundation. Kristin tends to wear natural foundation, which allows her beautiful skin to show through, so you’ll want to try natural foundation as well.

Kristen usually wears her hair in an up style, so you’ll want to put your hair up, or pull it back into something simple. Whether her hair is up or down, she never looks to tanned and doesn’t put on too much bronzer. Her skin is flawless, and naturally beautiful, so she doesn’t need a lot of makeup to look beautiful. Overall, the Kristen Stewart look is a very simple one. Pick simple colors, go with simple makeup, and create a simple hairstyle. It’s great to see someone who is not so complex, especially in the over complex world of Hollywood.

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