How To Get Shakira Abs

Ever since Shakira came out and did several videos where she was doing belly dancing, many have admired her abs. Not only is her abdominal area extremely fit, but it’s also sexy. In order to get abs like Shakira, you’ll have to do many different exercises, and watch your calorie intake daily. Shakira dances a lot in her videos, and her dancing mostly focuses around her abdominal area. Because of this, she keeps her abdominals as fit as possible, and it helps her greatly when she does belly dancing; which is also a workout in itself, as well as other dancing exercises she performs.

Shakira does many different types of dancing, which include belly dancing, which originated in Egypt, Salsa dancing, which originated in Cuba, and Samba, which is from Brazil. Not only will she do these different dances in her videos, dancing is also a part of her regular exercise routines, which help to keep herself fit. The creators of Zumba have captured a lot of the spirit of a dancer like Shakira, and many of the dances can help you to lose weight, and work towards a Shakira body. Shakira does certain exercises such as Pilates, which was originally created for ballet dancers.

One type of Pilates exercise is called the “Side Plank.” It does take a bit of strength in order to do it, but it’s great at working out your core, which in turn, can give you great-looking abs. You’ll first want to lay on your side and keep your back and head as straight as possible. Once on your side, you can either lay down on the arm that’s on the floor, or straighten it out, to hold you up. You’ll then lift up your entire body to the side, while lifting your leg. This is an extremely intense move for some.

You want to lift your free arm, as well as your free leg; to get real intensity out of the workout; this will help you to get Shakira’s body. After doing the move, hold for a while, as much as possible, then release. It’s best to do this exercise two minutes at a time, for the highest intensity. The “Russian Twist” is another great exercise that helps the work the obliques, but not necessarily the abs. This is for women who want defining lines in their abdominal area, but not necessarily a six pack.

You’ll simply want to rotate your body side to side in a twisting motion to complete this exercise. You’ll feel the burning in your abdominal area, and you can intensify the workout by adding weights. If you feel it burning too much, take a break, then continue. You’ll want to do about 20 to 30 reps each time, and any burning sensation you may feel; means you’re doing it correctly. Resistance training is also necessary when you’re working on your body, as well as eating nutritional foods. If you combine all these together, you too can have Shakira’s abs.

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