How To Style Your Hair Like Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the world’s most beautiful women. From her stylish clothing, to her gorgeous make-up and, of course, her amazing hair, everything about Angelina Jolie is copied by women all over the world.

If you would love to know how to style your hair like Angelina Jolie, so you too can head out to a special function and have movie star-style hair, here are the few short steps you will need to follow to look exactly the same.

To make sure your hair is easy to style just like Angelina Jolie’s, before you even get started with a styling brush, you should spend a few minutes curling your hair. That is because it will give your hair body, and make it much easier to put into an ‘updo’.

Once your hair has been curled, start to style it by brushing through it thoroughly. Then pick up a small section of hair on the top of your head and backcomb it. Once that section has been completed, move onto another section of hair and backcomb that as well.

Continue to do this all over your head in a non-uniform fashion, making sure both sides of your head have equally backcombed sections.

Once you have backcombed your entire head of hair, go back to the top section and comb out the topmost section until it is flat. Roll it slightly so that the ends of your hair are tucked underneath the main piece and, using bobby pins, pin the top section of your hair to your head. This usually requires two to three pins to make it secure.

Choose a small section of hair at the left side of your head, next to the top piece you have just pinned, and comb it until it is smooth. Then twist the section twice. Pin that section to your head, making sure you pin it right next to the bottom of the first piece you pinned. Repeat with the other side of your head, by taking a piece of hair, smoothing it with a comb, twisting it and pinning it.

Continue to take small sections of hair all around your head, comb them out and then twist and pin to the first main section. This will require pinning to the side if you are twisting side pieces of hair, or pinning upwards if you are twisting pieces of hair that are lower down on your head.

Once every section of hair has been twisted and pinned, using your fingers, pull your hair so it ‘messes’ it a little bit. That will serve to cover most of the pins, while giving you a soft and more romantic look.

If any of your hair works lose while you are creating this look, simply use another bobby pin to pin it back into place.

As a finishing touch, spray the back of your hair with hair spray as this will fix the style and will ensure it does not fall down while you are out having fun.

If you really want to look like Angelina Jolie, you can even add a stylish hair comb.

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