Inside Anna's World: Fitness Guru And Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser

By Robin Shobin. Anna Kaiser and Sarah Easley photographed by Roderick Angle  during AKT’s NOMAD plcae on Feb 10, 2016. 

Anna Kaiser: have we listened of her? She’s a newest thing in operative out, and she’s floating adult a aptness world. You can’t open a Well + Good website yet saying her everywhere, and she’s been featured on The Coveteur, IntoTheGloss, Shape, and Elle(to name a few). All that and her new TV uncover “My Diet Is Better Than Yours” premiered on ABC usually a few months ago. Busy? You improved trust it. And successful, too.

Anna has a credentials in veteran dance and sports medicine, and began her career training ballet, physique conditioning, and dance cardio during a Reebok Sports Club in New York, afterwards during The Sports Club in Los Angeles. She eventually became a arch calm officer for a Tracy Anderson Method, and about 3 years ago she non-stop her possess studio and aptness brand—she quick gained a cult following. Anna now has 3 studios in a New York area: one on a Upper East Side, one in a Hamptons, and a NoMAD plcae that non-stop final November.

When we primarily deliberate including Anna in a #charlottetalksto series, my initial desire was to skip it. Why? Not that we don’t adore her, yet a Charlotte’s Book niche is medical beauty, skincare, aging gracefully, and beauty-related wellness. Exercise didn’t seem to fit, exactly. And nonetheless a some-more we read, a some-more it seemed like a ideal interview: there are implausible links between skin health, anti-aging and fitness. Several studies couple sweating and operative out to anti-aging—some studies even contend it helps with sagging and discoloration! we was sold.

At a age of 38, we constantly onslaught with finding a right practice balance— since was this so many easier when we was younger? How do we get a physique of Kate Hudson when I’m entrance 40? (Anna has lerned Kate, actually, and Sophia Vergara, Shakira, Kelly Ripa … we get a point).

After assembly Anna and saying her in action, she immediately became my “Charlotte.” What’s her trick, we wondered? Where does she get this je ne sais quoi? we can overtly contend she has some-more appetite than a energizer bunny on 5 cups of coffee: she’s a lean, mean, examination appurtenance packaged with usually a right volume of muscle. Not usually did we wish to demeanour like Kate, we wanted to demeanour like Anna!

We spoke to Anna in her newest and third New York City studio, located in NOMAD, with her best crony (and true client) Sarah Easley, one of a founders of oppulance wardrobe boutique Kirna Zabete. we wanted to get a viewpoint of a committed AKTer, so carrying Sarah there was great: we talked about their friendship, their examination mantras, and how practice fits into their beauty and wellness routines.


AK: Sarah and we became quick friends after assembly in New York, actually, by Jessica Seinfeld, who was a mutual crony of ours. That was in 2009 and we have been good friends ever since. Sarah and we adore to go selling together for aptness and ready-to-wear. Our ideal GNO starts with an extraordinary AKT workout, followed by dinner, and afterwards a wise room character sesh.

SE: Cardio selling is a genuine thing right?! But seriously, Anna is a engineer and we am a interior designer. She builds a physique and we assistance her dress it! We have a high-low glorious and sporty mix, we’ll do engineer stores and afterwards also we’ll dally in somespecial book Adidas or Zara or a collab during Top Shop, yet we both know what we wish so we don’t need to buy it all during one place.


AK: we adore operative out during AKT. we will burst into one of my instructor’s classes, reason a tip event with friends, or jam it out with my team, 5 days per week, 60-90 mins any day. In addition, I’ll take one day to dedicate to a prolonged physic session, incorporating a brew of yoga, pilates, froth rolling, and meditation. When I’m traveling, we always make certain to fit in a good daily AKTread session. And, of course, a day offevery week.

SE: we do about 4 AKT sessions a week and 1 during home alone.


AK: When we arise up, we always squeeze 8-12 ounces of Essentia alkaline water. we adore it. It’s one of a best things to assistance change your body. It also decreases inflammation and sets we adult for a day. Then, probiotics, Ezekiel bread with a skinny covering of coconut oil, avocado, tomato, chia seeds and tender Himalayan sea salt (my fav breakfast!), and possibly a immature tea or half caf coffee blended with ghee. we rinse my face with a Sisley divert cleanser, request Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum, and finish off with Sisley rose toner,moisturizer, and SPF before streamer out to travel my baby girl, Harlie (a mini Australian shepherd).

SE: First we splash water, afterwards coffee with (cow’s milk!). we eat whole pellet toast and almond butter. we use Drunk Elephant skincare too (pekee soap, C-Firma Day Serum andmarula oil. Then Chantecaille’s coloured moisturizer, Just Skin. Next we container lunches, pointer task and get my children on a propagandize bus. Then we review WWD, The Business of Fashion, a NYT, examination for 60 mins and have Instagram for dessert Then work! This sounds orderly yet it is chaos. It all unequivocally happens though, in some order.


AK: Absolutely not!  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means not usually operative out, yet eating good and staying hydrated. Consuming too many sugarine and alcohol, along with ingesting additional preservatives and chemicals will do a ruin of a lot some-more repairs to a face and altogether skin tinge than operative out. Our skin is a largest organ and one of a ways we discharge waste. we would check out your diet before we start blaming your examination (although we comprehend it’s easier to splash that potion of booze and skip your cardio sesh.)

SE: That was before filler. Just kidding! we don’t have any filler. we do consider being overly slim when you’re over 35 is aging. With a right examination plan, a small make-up and some fume and mirrors we can have both. Of course, ideally when you’re over 35 we have a knowledge and viewpoint not to obsess.


AK: Creating AKT was a prolonged tour for me. we altered to NYC in 2002. Performing and operative out always went palm in hand. As a dancer, we had a unequivocally tough time gripping myself in shape. we desired teaching, and we grew to unequivocally adore organisation practice as well. But what we satisfied was, we had to learn 3 opposite classes (cardio, strength, flexibility) to get all that we indispensable in a workout. we wanted to emanate a extensive module that had it all. So, we set out to do usually that. we LOVE FITNESS. And we unequivocally trust in a 360 lifestyle proceed for aptness (nutrition, wellness, workouts, education). we knew that my career in dance would come to an finish during some point, and transitioning into a career in aptness was a healthy progression.

Through my investigate over a years, one of a pivotal observations we done was that a physique will physically and aesthetically change to support a daily movements/workouts one is doing.  As a dancer, we wanted to figure out a approach to emanate a proportional body. Too many pilates overbuilt my core, too many yoga overbuilt my shoulders, spinning and too many elliptical done my legs stronger, yet also many bigger, and we never had entrance to an open pool. So we set out to answer my biggest question: what’s a ideal multiple of exercise? How many cardio vs. how many strength? How to do we get a proportions of a dancer yet still be as clever as someone who’s lifting? And how can we put it all together in a approach that creates sense? This is a doubt that AKT answers.

When we combined AKT, we wanted to mix a extensive examination and personalization of an chosen tutor with a fad and appetite of a organisation class. The examination changes each dual weeks. So for dual weeks you’re mixing TRX with kickboxing, afterwards you’re adding barre and hip hop, or sports lively and pilates. we wanted to move a best of aptness to one place, to curate a ideal program, so that all we have to do is uncover up. Sarah indeed coined a phrase, “Nothing prepares we for AKT. AKT prepares we for all else,” since she found that after operative out during AKT, she could do roughly anything—run with her kids, surf, ski all day.  She was functionally prepared for everything.

SE: Anna has stayed on her initial goal to wholly incorporate dance into all cardio workouts. But she changes a genre and content: hip hop, lyrical, modern, ballet are blended into her possess hybrid. For a strength work, she somehow comes adult with wholly new ways to work a same muscles. we call it “marketing”. She tricks me and “markets” to my muscles!

I have a unequivocally brief courtesy span. we wish a preference of one go to “sport” that offers increasing strength, coherence and that addictive cardio adrenaline rush. we have left by each aptness trend from kickboxing to stick dancing yet zero unequivocally altered my physique or mind. Nothing kept me entrance back. As AKT calm is ever-changing, we feel like a new tyro each dual weeks. After finally gripping adult with my speed-skiing kids on a vacation, that’s when we told Anna that zero prepares we for AKT, yet AKT prepares we for everything. A few weeks after my quote was on a wall in a New York Studio.


AK: Keeping my skin hydrated is what we concentration on most. we adore to persperate for a detoxification benefits, yet afterwards we need to concentration on rehydration from a inside out and a outward in. we usually splash Essentia water since it’s alkaline, ionized, and hydrates 8x improved than any other H2O on a market! Pre-workout, we rinse my face with a peaceful cleaner (Sisley Cleansing Milk) and infrequently request a Sisley Express Flower gel (and leave it on during my workout). Then we take a showering immediately after a examination (don’t let a persperate dry!) and tone, moisturize, and use Sisley Eye Gel. we always lift theSisley Floral toning mist to mist on during a day for additional hydration and a uninformed boost.


AK: we make certain to curate all equipment in a AKT locker room. One of my favorite product lines of all time is Sisley, and we am anxious to be means to offer a line to my clients. They reflect a code in so many ways—luxurious yet being pretentious, effective, corroborated by years of research, and proven formula distinct anything else we have tried.


AK: Aside from a AKT workout, we am a large follower in probiotics for altogether health. we take dual each morning. And sleep. Not usually how many we are sleeping, yet a quality of your sleep. Making certain that we nap all by a night and during slightest 7 hours is impossibly critical for mind function, hormone balance, skin, flesh recovery, elimination, a list continues. we would roughly go as distant as to contend a significance of nap reigns above all else. And something we need to move to a forefront of a contention on wellness.


AK: Your physique eliminates rubbish and toxins by your largest organ—your skin! For instance, we have always found sweating to be a best approach to reanimate a hangover. Working out also increases dissemination in your body, that helps with dungeon turnover and your body’s ability to reanimate itself some-more quickly. Plus, after operative out, we tend to crave improved food, that will keep we looking younger and healthier for a many longer time. Feeding your physique peculiarity food and formulating a physically clever vessel will not usually make we demeanour younger, it will make we feel younger and yield we with increasing appetite that rivals those 10 years younger.  

SE: we do trust that my skin unequivocally detoxes with a full perspiration. It also improves my tinge and tone. And we never get sick! Beyond strengthening and progressing a body, operative out, privately severe myself to conquer new AKT choreography prevents my mind from atrophy. we always wish to keep training and changing and we wish that keeps me during slightest feeling young.


AK: Our new NoMad location non-stop in Nov 2015 and that is a third studio in dual years. We also have a Upper East Side studio, a initial one, afterwards East Hampton. Then we go west unequivocally soon. we have a monthly streaming membership with over 1500 mins and 50 videos trimming from 10-90 minutes, an AKTread video program, retreats, a DVD, Transformation programs, and more. Now we can knowledge a sorcery of AKT anywhere. And there’s so many some-more coming.

As told to Robin Shobin and Dawn Kissi for Charlotte’s Book. Read some-more #CharlotteTalksTo interviews.

Anna Kaiser and Sarah Easley photographed by Roderick Angle during AKT’s NOMAD plcae on Feb 10, 2016. Roderick is a fashion, mural and lifestyle photographer and videographer. You can follow Roderick’s Instagram feed, About Themselves, where he profiles engaging and artistic individuals.

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