Is Justin Bieber's new braid racist?

Justin Bieber is now sporting dreadlocks, a demeanour some critics have bloody as culturally insensitive. Is it extremist or usually a Biebs expressing himself?

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Bieber's new 'do

Bieber’s new ‘do

“It’s discouraging as nonetheless another instance of a white luminary appropriating a traditionally black hairstyle,” wrote Fashionista, that wondered if “celebrities and designers need to start employing informative allowance consultants to advise opposite things like dreads and cornrows.”

“Justin Bieber is one of a lieutenants of a informative allowance army. He outdid himself this week by rocking unwashed a$$ White male dreads,” Bossip wrote. “Not usually do they demeanour unwashed as ruin though he’s usually doing it since they demeanour ‘cool’ but any bargain of what he’s doing.”


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Then there was this laconic commentary:

The emanate has been in a news recently. A viral video of a black lady opposed a white male about his dreadlocks has sparked an review during San Francisco State University. In a video, a span disagree nearby a set of stairs in a Cesar Chavez Student Center.

“You’re observant that we can’t have a braid since of your culture?” a male asks in a video.

“Yeah,” a lady responds, “because it’s my culture.”

The span disagree over a start of dreadlocks and she blocks his approach as he tries to get past her and adult some stairs. Read some-more about it here.

Last year, Bravo horde Andy Cohen took heat after inserting himself into a argument between “Hunger Games” singer Amandla Stenberg and existence uncover celebrity Kylie Jenner over Kylie’s cornrows. Amandla bloody them as culturally unresponsive and after posted this video to serve demonstrate her views.

[embedded content]

“I wish to apologize to Amandla,” Andy after posted. “I didn’t know a incomparable context of this informative contention and TRULY meant no disregard to her or anyone else.”

Bieber’s one to run out new looks around his amicable platforms, so maybe this one will pass soon. Many fans weighed in on his Instagram page. What do we think?

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