Kendall Jenner Billboard Awards Makeup

TV personality and now-fashion model Kendall Jenner was the talk of the Billboard Awards recently. Not just for her sexy outfit, but also for her stunning hair and make-up.

Kendall Jenner’s Billboard Awards make-up was obviously inspired by her sister Kim Kardashian, but she also managed to add some of her own style to it, toning it down a little bit so that it suited her still-teenage face.

If you loved Kendall Jenner’s make-up at the Billboard Awards, just like many people did, here is what you will need to recreate the look yourself.

First prepare your skin and put on your foundation just as you normally would. Highlight under and around your eyes, to brighten your face and draw attention to your eyes as, in this Kendall Jenner inspired look, your eyes should be your main focus.

Prepare your eyes by rubbing a primer or base into your eyelids and up onto the brow bone. Then, using a soft brush, blend a light brown eye shadow into the outer corner of your eyes, and up onto the crease and into the socket.

Using a light gold eye shadow, brush this into your entire eye lid, blending carefully. It should adhere well, as you already have a primer or base for it to stick to. Make sure you get a lot of the gold eye shadow into the inner corner of your eye, as that is a popular color with Kendall Jenner.

Using a darker brown than the previous color, brush this eye shadow across the outer lid, into the socket and then under your lower lashes as if you are trying to create an eye liner line. Brush it in so that it becomes more smoky and less of a hard line.

Fill in the lower water line with a dark black pencil, being sure to get the entire area completely covered. You can also use it on your eyelid for a fine lid liner.

Put black mascara on your upper and lower lashes, being careful to completely cover both lash areas. Kendall Jenner’s Billboard Awards make-up relied on lashings of mascara, so do not be worried about applying too much. If it clumps too much, you can remove it with a damp cotton bud. If you are comfortable wearing false lashes, you can also apply these at this time.

Once you have finished your eyes, using a thick brush, apply a light facial powder to your skin. This will set your make up and eliminate any shine. Be careful not to get it onto your eye make-up, or it will begin to look dull.

If you want the same sunbathed look Kendall had, you can also brush a light colored bronzer onto your cheekbones, your temples and the apples of your cheeks.

Finally, line your lips with a nude or pale pink lip liner, as this will stop the lipstick you will use next from bleeding. Then, using a light pink or nude lip gloss or lipstick, paint the rest of your lips making sure the lip color blends in well with the liner so there is not a visible line. This completes the Kendall Jenner Billboard Awards look.

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