Kim Richards breaks down during Mother/Daughter Experiment practice (VIDEO)

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Lifetime’s grant to a universe of televised therapy, The Mother/Daughter Experiment, facilities 6 luminary mother/daughter duos operative on their issues in front of, well, everybody with wire access. Among a therapy seekers are RHOBH‘s Kim Richards and her daughter Kimberly Jackson.

So distant this season, there’s been a common existence TV activities on a show: crying, fightingdrinking too many and vomiting. The Mother/Daughter Experiment’s therapy strategy demeanour a lot like what we competence see on an part of Marriage Boot Camp drills directed during eliciting as many tension from a participants as possible. In a shave from Tuesday’s new part of Mother/Daughter, a duos are forced to confront what their deaths would meant to a other when a latest practice involves simulations of their possess funerals (Marriage Boot Camp does a identical exercise, with one half of a integrate in a mistake sanatorium bed).

Here’s what happened when Richards and Jackson took part:

[embedded content]

For Richards, a activity was a bit too real, and a existence star wanted to leave a show. “It was approach too many for me and we only wish to go home,” says Richards later.

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Richards and Jackson have been on a still finish of a play so distant in terms of their attribute to any other, distinct some other mother/daughter pairs — although on a show’s premiere, Jackson did contend she mostly feels like a associate in terms of a volume of caretaking she does and a shortcoming she feels for her mother. The evidence a dual have when Richards says she wants to leave a uncover is a initial pointer of tangible conflict. “Everything has been great,” says Jackson to her mom in a clip, “until we caused a problem.”

In Richards’ off-camera life, though, things have been anything though pacific and quiet. There’s her addiction, the indirect authorised trouble, financial woes, her family feuds and, many recently, a genocide of her ex-husband and best friend, Monty Brinson. While Jackson says a cavalcade helped her let her mom know how critical she is to her, it’s no warn that even an fabrication of a wake would send Richards into a turn after all she’s been traffic with. The emanate of Richards’ obsession and a doubt of how frail she is hasn’t nonetheless come adult on a show, though maybe Tuesday’s new part signals a commencement of a some-more in-depth contention about it.

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Do we consider Kim Richards will leave The Mother/Daughter Experiment, or will she hang in there to understanding with her issues? Tell us in a comments!

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