Los Gatos, Monte Sereno: Police Recognition Awards respect 23 individuals

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Photograph by George Sakkestad Santa Clara County Fire fighters Bruce Ingle, left, Captain Dave Ronco, and Battalion arch Jason Falarski were assimilated by Los Gatos military officers Mario Carrizosa and Wayne Boom as they were presented an a approval endowment by Los Gatos military arch Matt Frisby during a 25th Annual Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Foundation Recognition Luncheon.

The Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department’s 25th annual Recognition Luncheon respected 23 officers, detectives, residents, firefighters and PGE workers who done poignant open reserve contributions to a city in 2015. By approach of example, they saved mixed lives and pennyless adult several thievery rings–things that military arch Matt Frisby said, “should not be taken for granted. They should be celebrated.”

Dispatcher Kelly Kechriotis was famous with an “Above and Beyond” award. Last year, Kechriotis called to check on a comparison resident’s gratification as partial of a “Operation Care” program.

“The comparison citizen sounded out of sorts and was incompetent to answer slight questions,” Frisby said. That’s when Kechriotis dispatched military and paramedics to a woman’s home. They climbed by an upstairs bedroom window and found her fibbing on a floor. She was taken to a internal hospital, where she done a full recovery.

Also respected was officer Bryan Paul, who was operative in a investigator business when Blacy’s Fine Jewelers was attacked in Nov 2012. There were minimal leads, though a box started to moment open when dual suspects incited adult in Oklahoma with valuables belonging to Blacy’s.

Paul worked a box with 8 opposite law coercion agencies, including a Oklahoma City Police Department. Last year, 3 suspects confessed, and dual are now confronting three-strike convictions. Paul’s endowment was for stability and inquisitive excellence.


Officer Paul Gills was respected for regulating his predicament involvement skills to speak down a internal transitory who was melancholy to harm himself with a knife, while during a same time perfectionist sell from a preference store clerk.

“The transient, who was apparently in predicament and pang from mental health issues … demanded that officer Gills fire him,” Frisby said. After a brief standoff, a transitory forsaken a blade and surrendered.

Six members of a investigator business were famous for elucidate a array of crimes that occurred between Oct and Nov 2015, when Frisby pronounced a city gifted an “unusual spike” in robberies that enclosed purse snatches and an armed spoliation during Gehrken’s Jewelers.

“These incidents, nonetheless not common in Los Gatos or Monte Sereno, are unchanging with informal trends that we are not defence to,” Frisby said. “Over a four-week duration these detectives managed countless tips, leads and inquisitive information … ensuing in a confinement of all suspects compared with these critical crimes. In respect of tough work, loyalty and feat we am happy to benefaction Detective Sgt. Kevin Elliott, Corporal Dan Accardo, detectives Harold Hoyt, Bill Hoyt, Jim Wiens and Derek Moye with this approval award.”

Frisby also distinguished officer Katherine Mann for her “compassion, inquisitive skills and dedication.” Mann met with a relatives of a immature Monte Sereno male who suffered from mental illness and had been blank for several days.

“Through her imagination in rascal investigations, officer Mann was means to lane a son’s financial transaction annals [and] dynamic a son’s credit label was final used during a hotel in another jurisdiction,” Frisby said. Police intervened and stopped a immature male from committing suicide.

Imagine operative alone in a dispatch core and receiving a raging 911 call from a lady whose behind doorway was being kicked in by thievery suspects. That’s what happened to Dispatcher Michele Johns. She picked adult a call from Sandra Vizzusi, who lives in unincorporated Los Gatos. Prior to transferring a call to a sheriff’s department, Johns promote a “robbery in progress” warning to Los Gatos-Monte Sereno police, who arrived on a stage within a notation and arrested dual suspects. Johns and Vizzusi were respected for “protecting and portion a open by intrinsic actions and partnership of village efforts.”

Also respected were PGE employees Frank Dominguez, Jacob Owen and Galen Sloan, who were famous for village policing. They were on a use call nearby Los Gatos-Almaden Road when they saw a male on a bicycle enter an open garage and take another bike. They called military and concurrently began following a suspect, providing military with live plcae updates along a way. Turns out a suspect, who was arrested, was on trial for narcotics violations and was in possession of stolen skill and thievery tools.

Belgian Diamonds owners Bob Skubis went home with an endowment for his support of Los Gatos On Watch. That’s a module that encourages business owners and residents to register their notice cameras with a military department. Skubis was one of a initial to pointer adult for a module and incited over footage that led to a marker of suspects in an Apple Store spoliation as good as a Gehrken’s robbery.

When officers Mario Carrizosa and Wayne Boom were responding to an occurrence final October, Carrizosa was concerned in a motorcycle collision that Frisby pronounced “could have been fatal.” Boom immediately called a dispatch core to ask that opposite officers be sent to a initial call and medical assistance be dispatched for Carrizosa. Boom, meanwhile, began administering initial aid.

“In respect of your service, joining to value and actions, we am happy to benefaction officer Mario Carrizosa, officer Wayne Boom, Santa Clara County Fire Department Battalion Chief Jason Falarski, Capt. Dave Ronco, medic Bruce Ingle and firefighter Mike Baker with this endowment for officer assistance,” Frisby said.

Records and justification manager Larry Brown, who is timid subsequent month after 30 years on a job, was hired in 1986 as a village use officer. “Larry is good famous for his believe and abilities in justification and property,” Frisby said.

Brown served on a 2001 ad hoc advisory cabinet that grown a California Peace Officer Standards and Training guide, creation him a stickler for detail. He also became famous within a military dialect ranks for “Larry-grams” that served as peaceful reminders on correct military procedures. Brown perceived a lifetime feat award.

The Police Recognition Luncheon, hold on Mar 30, was sponsored by a Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Foundation.

Visit lgmspf.org for some-more information.

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