Lucy Mecklenburgh hits behind during bodyshamers: "These comments are intensely hurtful"

Lucy Mecklenburgh has strike behind during bodyshamers and their “extremely hurtful” comments, after receiving a slew of critique on her appearance.

Lucy, who prides herself on heading an active and healthy lifestyle, found herself targeted by disastrous comments that targeted her physique shape, her bust and career. Not surprisingly, a former TOWIE star felt a need to urge herself and told her 996,000 supporters on Instagram she was “sick of” receiving abuse online.

Lucy Mecklenburgh examination selfie 11 March

© Instagram / @lucymeck1

Lucy was criticised for being “too skinny”, compelling an impractical lifestyle and looking like a “12 year aged boy” among other things – all of that a 24-year-old totally disagreed with and for good reason.

Since rising her online aptness business ‘Results With Lucy’, Lucy has been enlivening others to adjust a healthier lifestyle and incorporate aptness into their daily routine. Proud of her gym-honed bod (and so she should be after all her tough work), the Essex beauty is mostly flash her figure on Instagram and giving us all a small bit of proclivity to strike a gym.

While she mostly does share healthy dish choices for her fans to follow, Lucy has been famous to indulge too and we have seen her share photos of eyeglasses of booze or pizza or honeyed treats – creation us realize that, like us, infrequently she falls off a bandwagon too.

However, some remonstrate and have strike out during Lucy.

Highlighting a comments she has been theme to lately, Lucy revealed: “I have had a lot of comments recently that have been utterly vicious about me my physique including- ‘your physique is like a 12 year aged boy’ ‘No curves, no shape, spare as f***, rubbish of time’ ‘Looks like a small girl, used to demeanour decent with curves good span of tits’ ‘Too skinny’ ‘Doesn’t have a genuine pursuit so has time to practice make imagination healthy meals’ ‘You demeanour ill’ ‘Must starve herself’ ‘Bad purpose model’…”

Lucy Mecklenburgh hits behind during bodyshamers 13 March

© Instagram / @lucymeck1

She responded by pity a print of herself indulging in an ice cream and red booze during a cinema, essay alongside her post: “This is physique degrading I’m ill of it!”

She afterwards explained how she works 6 days a week with Results With Lucy and her boutique, wise in other projects too. Lucy afterwards added: “I foster an active lifestyle with eating purify 80% of a time! It’s critical to indulge suffer disobedient food in mediation of coarse. we always make time for breakfast always have 3 dishes a day a uninformed juice.”

Lucy continued: “These comments are intensely hurtful we couldn’t caring reduction about people commenting on my bust distance or should we contend ‘vile men.’ Unfortunately for many of us we can’t be a distance 8 practice frequently keep a distance D proud bust!

“Hello practice bye bye boobies. we used to be a curvy distance 10 with a 32D bust we was vital on pasta, pastries, sweetened drinks, 3 sugars in my tea, skipping breakfast, Mc Donald’s once-twice a week. we did ZERO exercise. we had no energy, bad skin, lonesome in cellulite felt yuk! we indispensable to change we chose my health!”

Lucy isn’t a usually famous face who has had to strike behind during trolls targeting a approach she looks. Vicky Pattison recently slammed her haters, after she was criticised for over-editing her photos.

Emmerdale star Gemma Atkinson was forced to residence bodyshamers, after they labelled her “butch” and “manly” and even Kim Kardashian has her contend on a matter, following that exposed design she common on amicable media recently.

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