Megan Fox Pregnancy Update: Celebrity Mom Maintains Healthy Diet And Exercise For Third Kid

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For her third pregnancy, singer Megan Fox is creation certain that she and her baby are healthy. The 30-year-old singer maintains a healthy diet and exercises daily to keep herself fit.

An E! News source suggested that she has a fast for aptness that she particularly follow. “Megan has a healthy weekly slight that consists of yoga, Pilates, cardio and weights,” a source added.

The awaiting mom has also been unequivocally most meddlesome with outside activities like hiking. When it comes to a food she eats, a insider pronounced that Fox cooking a immature healthy diet.

Strict practice routine

However, it was also suggested that she has some lie days though sticks to a unequivocally despotic practice slight to make adult for a food she eats. “She keeps her kids flattering healthy [too] and loves removing uninformed fruits and veggies during a internal farmers market,” a source noted.

Daily Mail earlier reported that Fox recently showed her baby strike when he went out for lunch in Los Angeles. She was speckled wearing a black maxi dress and donning framed glasses.

Wearing unequivocally small makeup, a profound singer showed a open that she is doing good with her pregnancy. Fox, in a prior interview, pronounced that she did not feel good about this newest pregnancy.

Pregnancy came as a shock

It was combined in a E! News news that Fox announced her pregnancy final April. This came as a startle to a open as she recently filed a divorce from her father for 11 years and a baby’s father, Brian Austin Green.

The dual are also relatives to dual boys, Noah, 3, and Bodhi, 2. For their third kid, a E! News insider pronounced a integrate is still gripping for themselves a gender of their baby.

Megan and Brian are already relatives to dual small boys, Noah and Bodhi, though they are gripping a sex of a third child a tip for now. “She usually wants a baby to be healthy, that’s her usually thing,” a source added.

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