NASP Launches On Target for Life Awards and Recognition Program

On Target for Life Awards ProgramOn Target for Life Awards Program National Archery in a Schools ProgramNational Archery in a Schools Program

Nashville, TN -( On a heels of a recover of a NASP Academic Archer program, NASP launches the On Target for Life Awards Program.

The OTFLA module is dictated to commend and applaud a many instances where in-school archery, and a people concerned with it, are definitely impacting a lives of 2.23 million NASP tyro archers any year.

Since a pregnancy in 2002, NASP has continued to hear absolute examples of how in-school archery has definitely impacted a lives of students and adults. The OTFLA module is dictated to constraint examples of a “best” of what NASP is doing in 47 states and 11 jurisdictions with both organisation and sold awards.

In Nov of 2015, National NASP care and a organisation of NASP educators/coaches and students met to plead ways to serve raise a 15 year aged program. A complement of recognitions and awards to constraint a many “positives” that go on behind a scenes of NASP was recommended. As a result, a following awards and recognitions will be famous during a 2016 National NASP tournament:

The Community Service Award

is a organisation endowment that will go to a NASP organisation that creates a estimable certain impact to a community. Evidence should be supposing to clearly illustrate where NASP students and coaches decided, as a team, to willingly make an superb certain disproportion for those around them. Community members that can endorse a village impact should be concerned in a nomination, and a propagandize administration should also be included.

The Bullseye Award

is an sold endowment for a NASP Student that has done important certain strides in educational opening and function by their impasse with a program. As a name implies, this tyro is an instance of a certain turnaround impact that consult information continues to indicate for NASP participants. This student, by their certain attributes and appearance in NASP, is now famous as an envoy for a NASP module and their propagandize community. Nomination should embody a propagandize principal.

The Superhero Award

is an sold endowment dictated to commend an delinquent proffer that creates an superb certain impact on their NASP module or team. This award, endorsed by a NASP advisory students, is a approach to constraint a infinite certain impact of a many NASP volunteers that support students in a program. Evidence should embody examples of how a “Superhero” goes above and over in their support of their NASP students.

The Courage Award

is an sold endowment for a NASP tyro that has overcome a vital life eventuality or disability, nonetheless continues to enthuse others by their appearance in NASP. They are an envoy for NASP and for what appearance in it, represents for them. This is a tyro that continues to lead, enthuse and yield wish to others as a NASP student.

The Outstanding Alumni Award

is an sold endowment for a former NASP connoisseur that gifted a positives of NASP, and now continues to give behind to their former propagandize or team. They yield apparent service, support and/or a certain purpose indication for stream NASP students to emulate. Clear justification should be supposing to explain how this sold is apparently ancillary their before NASP module by “paying it forward.” Examples of how this sold has upheld a module are pivotal in a preference creation for this award.

Coach of a Year Award

is an sold endowment for a NASP educator/coach. The educator/coach contingency be nominated by during slightest a infancy of a NASP students of his/her organisation or class. The endowment contingency have a support and co-nomination of a propagandize administration. This endowment is not contingent on success or even appearance in stream NASP contest structure. The hopeful contingency have a proven story of creation an strenuous certain disproportion in a lives of participating NASP students. This is a student-nominated endowment privately noticing attributes of a manager over only their ability to learn a fundamentals of archery. Specific examples of how a manager has left above and over in a lives of their NASP students is pivotal in a preference creation for this award.

NASP On Target for Life Award Nomination instructions:

To commission an sold or a organisation for a sold OTFLA, go to NASP will name 3 finalist in any difficulty and announce a names before to a NASP National Tournament.

Please note, NASP will need created accede from any finalist to share his or her story around media outlets.

For additional information, greatfully hit Tommy Floyd at:


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About National Archery in a Schools Program:

The National Archery in a Schools Program (NASP) promotes tyro education, earthy preparation and appearance in a lifelong competition of Archery. The goal of NASP is to foster international-style aim archery as partial of a in-school curriculum, to urge educational opening and appearance in a sharpened sports among students in grades 4-12.

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