Natural Beauty Products That Celeb Makeup Artists Love


By Marissa Gold for Well+GOOD

It’s red runner season, and we can gamble celebrities who travel it will be doing all in their powers to demeanour their best, underneath a glisten of vast flashbulbs and a revengeful gawk of HD cameras.

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And this year, many some-more of them will be wearing cosmetics with cleaner, safer ingredients–it’s a healthy trend we’re saying celebs like Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hilary Duff to Rachel McAdams prioritize.

Similarly, tip makeup artists catering to their A-list clients are apropos severely savvy about what non-toxic beauty products unequivocally perform in this super-zoom, pore-penetrating arena.

Which healthy products have warranted their mark in luminary makeup artists’ toolkits? We asked 3 pros to share their can’t-live-without-them picks…

Paige Padgett, author of The Green Beauty Rules, who has worked with Jillian Michaels and Melissa Joan Hart

“I adore W3ll People Bio Extreme Lipgloss in Gold. The plumping regulation formed on peptide record is what got my attention, though a tone is pleasing adequate to make it a must-have regardless. The mix of aloe, coconut, and grapeseed oil soothes and hydrates but being thick and sticky.”

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Hynt Beauty Lumiere Radiance Boosting Powder is like a halo in a bottle. we use this to emanate an altogether heat or to lighten underneath a eyes. The pointed mica particles give usually adequate heat for a childish glow, and a regulation is talc-free and contains nutritive white kaolin clay, lavender, acai, and geranium oils.”

HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Chocolate Bronze Eye Shadow is one of a softest, silkiest eye shadows we have ever tried, and it’s done with a rice, not talc. Rich pigments, colourful colors, and it’s done with healthy fruit coloring from plants, veggies, and fruits such as pinkish carrot and rose. You can pronounce a whole part list.”


Romy Soleimani, beauty executive during vast for, who has worked with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams

Weleda Skin Food moisturizer is not usually natural, it is peaceful and rich. we keep it in my pack and use it constantly on set. It creates a pleasing heat highlighting a high points on a face. we even use it on a body: we use it for cuticles, temples, anywhere we need an additional boost.”

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Jurlique Rose Love Balm is a healthy mouth compose so soft, it feels like rose petals on a lips!”

“I adore multipurpose beauty products like RMS Lip2Cheek. It works as both a mouth mark and a cream blush, and it’s organic, too.”

Dr. Hauschka Rose Cream is my go-to for hydrated skin. A ideal bottom for requesting makeup.”

Kendra Richards, who has worked with Cindy Crawford and Hilary Duff

Ilia Lipstick Crayons are perfect and have good tone options. we adore that [the line is] vegan, organic, and easy to use and cocktail in your bag to take with you. My favorites are the Iko Iko, that is a perfect bronze, and Call Me, a perfect splendid pink.”

“I adore Ilia Mascara in Nightfall. It doesn’t clump and adds good clarification to a lashes and is a best organic plan we have found so far.”

“For my clients, to give hydration around a eyes but a greasy feeling, we adore Be Natural Organics CoQ10 Eye Protection Cream‚ and we can wear makeup over it beautifully.”

Now, learn how to collect your possess healthy beauty products. Read How to be a improved reader of beauty labels on Well+Good.

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