No Celeb Treatment for Olmert in Jail: No Laptop, Long Visits or Movies

Glad knowledge recently reached Ma’asiyahu Prison’s cellblock 10, where former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and a other convicts in a Holyland crime box now reside. The Israel Prison Service has motionless to let a inmates make a unfeeling and piquancy garden. Out with a jail diet of canned tuna and tomato paste; now, inmates will be means to supplement peppers and coriander to their cooking pot. 

The assent to work a tiny tract of belligerent was perceived about dual months after Olmert and a others from Holyland entered cellblock 10. And even before they arrived, a refurbished cellblock was starting to seem some-more like a rest home, with comparatively few cells and usually dual or 3 prisoners in each.

But in a dual months that have upheld given Olmert schooled that he’ll be spending many of his time for a foreseeable destiny with former businessman Danny Dankner and former Jerusalem city operative Uri Sheetrit, a Prison Service has sent a cellblock’s 8 inmates a transparent message: You’re in jail in any respect; there are no luminary discounts.

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Olmert got a summary quickly. Soon after he entered jail, his son Shaul came to visit, temperament a package of 300 films for his father and his cellblock friends to watch. But a Prison Service said, usually 30 films. And on second thought, no underline films, usually videotapes of family events. And not any such event, and not any tape.

In fact, Olmert was told, before he screens any marriage or bar mitzvah video, a footage contingency be noticed by a jail comprehension officer to safeguard it contains no dark messages. He and his family suspicion it was a joke. 

“What kind of summary could they send him, an shun map?” asked a family friend. “When a helicopter will be watchful to take him away?”

But in a end, Olmert motionless to allot with a videos, and with a bureaucracy entailed in examination them.

The renovations finished before Olmert arrived including installing a tiny gym in a cellblock, with a treadmill and other practice machines. This was reduction for a inmates’ preference than as a confidence measure, to keep them apart from a rest of a prison. 

But in contrariety to other inmates, residents of cellblock 10 were incompetent to go to a gym for weeks. Why? Because an certified tutor contingency be benefaction whenever an invalid exercises, and it took a Prison Service time to sinecure one. Only recently did a tutor start entrance twice a week for 40 mins any time.

Moreover, manners for operative out in jail are really strict. For instance, any restrained is singular to 20 mins on a treadmill, to forestall fights over who gets to use a machine.

Thus one day, Olmert arrived to use a treadmill and was systematic off after 20 mins – even yet no other inmates were in a gym watchful to use it. When he forked out that a appurtenance would simply be station dull if he got off, he was told that manners are rules.

Olmert spends a lot of time writing. He’s started operative on an autobiography, and to promote this effort, he asked a Prison Service for accede to have a laptop in his cell. But he was incited down flat; no invalid is authorised a laptop.

His kin afterwards offering to initial give a laptop to jail comprehension officers so they could mislay anything that would capacitate Olmert to bond to a Internet, branch a mechanism into zero some-more than a word processer. They also due that anything he wrote be scanned by a comprehension officers and not leave a jail until Olmert is released. But a Prison Service refused. Olmert has to make do with coop and paper.

Nor do cellblock 10’s inmates get any breaks when it comes to visitors. Prison Service manners concede visitors usually on Sundays and Fridays for a limit of half an hour each. That’s since a normal visitors’ gymnasium can’t reason all a inmates’ kin during once, so they have to revisit in shifts via a day. 

The visitors’ gymnasium in cellblock 10, in contrast, indeed can reason all a families of all 8 inmates during once. But a Prison Service didn’t see that as justification for changing a rules. Visits are still singular to half an hour, so as not to distinguish opposite inmates of other cellblocks and thereby presumably means unrest.

This regard isn’t unfounded. In a past, a favoured diagnosis given to “celebrity” inmates has generated some-more than a few adverse headlines. For instance, shortly before businessman Ofer Nimrodi entered jail, a Prison Service’s then-deputy commissioner paid him a personal revisit to settle a terms of his seizure and what perks he would receive. In another case, a executive of Ma’asiyahu Prison was suspended since of a perks he gave a celebs. 

Thus today, even if there are occasional exceptions, a Prison Service generally doesn’t extend any special favors to famous inmates. When former President Moshe Katsav recently committed a disciplinary offense, for instance, he was punished like any other restrained by being deprived of privileges.

This disciplinary infringement was one of a reasons for a release board’s new preference not to extend Katsav release – a decision, incidentally, that has been most discussed by residents of cellblock 10. Katsav is also in Ma’asiyahu Prison, though in a special cellblock for religiously mindful prisoners.

Meanwhile, as prolonged as release stays a apart dream, cellblock 10’s residents have found some astonishing occupations for themselves. One of Olmert’s neighbors in a cellblock is Meir Rabin, a wheeler-dealer who creatively done a tie between a businessmen in a Holyland box and a officials they were convicted of bribing – including Olmert, afterwards a mayor of Jerusalem. Rabin was convicted of holding bribes as well. 

Since they entered prison, Rabin has managed to move Olmert closer to religion. The former primary apportion has begun putting on phylacteries any day and attending request services. He has also begun study Torah.

Still, it seems Olmert is distant from branch Orthodox and seeking send to a cellblock for mindful prisoners.

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