Olivia Munn's Intense Diet and Exercise Plan for 'X-Men' Will Shock You

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Karwai Tang

May 20, 2016

When it came to personification Psylocke, a telekinetic, leotard-and-purple-highlights-rocking mutant in X-Men Apocalypse, Olivia Munn didn’t phone it in. The star committed to operative out any day, training in sword fighting and martial humanities so she could do her possess stunts, either that meant flipping by a atmosphere in a strap to cut a CGI automobile in half, or spinning a katana so quick it’d make a Quicksilver mangle a sweat. 

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“My goal was to usually get as fit and as healthy as we could be, for myself,” she told Women’s Health in a Jun issue. 

To fuel her via those workouts—and filming a movie—she focused on radically eating what we could find during a farmer’s market. “I also started removing into eating 20-80, where 80 percent of your diet is fruits and vegetables and 20 percent is whatever.” By a time a film wrapped, she’d mislaid 12 pounds. 

If that plate devise sounds familiar, that’s since it’s really identical to what chef Allen Campbell prepares for Gisele Bündchen and father Tom Brady any day. Unlike a Bündchen-Bradys, Munn ditched a diet as shortly as a film ended. She still tries to eat clean, shopping usually organic fruits and vegetables, and starts any day with a smoothie, E! reports, yet if a singer wants an sequence of onion rings or craves Kraft mac cheese eaten true from a saucepan, she’s going to go for it.

While vital a 20-80 diet, Munn cut behind on meat, removing many of her protein from nuts and seeds, her trainer, Karine Lemieux, told Elle. She also trained for 6-7 hours per day to ready for a greatly earthy role, so she could swing a sword like a pro. It’s no wonder, then, that she mislaid weight but intending to; it also stirred Page Six to hold her “scarily skinny.” (This is where we feel a need to get all PSA-y and mention: Her training report was fundamentally like a full-time job, so that she could fast get prepared for her purpose and shouldn’t be taken as practice advice. Consult your doc before starting a new eating and practice plan. Okay, we’ll get off a soapbox now.)

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Back in 2013, Munn spoke to WebMD about her diet, explaining that she avoids processed dishes and motionless that if she couldn’t see any part in a dish, she wouldn’t eat it. Ultimately, though, she tries not to weird out about what she eats.

“If we ‘stress eat’ and we ‘fall off,’ I know it’s usually life and we know we can be in control,” she told a website.

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