Pregnant Fitness Blogger Works Out Five Times a Week to Keep Six-Pack Abs: 'We All Have Time'

Fit mommy, indeed! Fitness blogger Sia Cooper hasn’t mislaid her six-pack abs — notwithstanding being 8 months pregnant. The former nurse, 26, opens adult exclusively with Us Weekly about her second pregnancy, her eating habits and a recoil she’s perceived online for gripping adult with her exhausting workouts.

The amicable media star, who is due to acquire a baby lady in May, has been documenting her tour on her website, Diary of a Fit Mommy. She works out for an hour 5 days a week (while her son Greyson, 2, is napping), and her slight includes hunker jumps, thrust kicks and lifting weights.

“I wish to enthuse other moms out there that we can get a small artistic and find ways to fit your examination in. One of a many common excuses that we hear is, ‘I do not have time,’” Cooper tells Us. “The law is that we all have time — we only have to make it and not feel guilty about doing something for yourself.”

At 8 months pregnant, we mostly get asked how in a universe we find a proclivity to arise adult any day and go workout. The law is, we have to quarrel for it everyday. It starts with rolling out of bed and to be honest, my behind hurts. Finding additional appetite is like acid for Waldo and holding behind from a cylinder of ice cream is like perplexing to shun a Temple of Doom in an Indiana Jones movie. It’s tough and I’m not superhuman. But when we hurl out of bed any day, we tell myself we gotta do it for a health of my unborn baby, to set an instance for my toddler, to demeanour good for my husband, and to take honour in myself. A healthy, happy family starts with a healthy, happy mommy. That-to me-is all value it right there. Side note: Totally amatory this @belabumbum maternity/nursing sports bra! It’s so gentle and competence only be a best I’ve ever tried. #pregnant #fitfam #fitmom #fitpregnancy #bbg #fitness #fitnessaddict #mothersinprotest #fitspo #fitspiration #tiu #workout #weights #weightlifting #fitgirl #motivation #friday #flex #strong #healthy #ripped #tiuteam #toned #fit #motivationalmonday #fitmama #fitgirls #bbggirls #backtomybelabumbum #glowonfitmom @mothersinprotest

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Despite a encouragement, a Destin, Florida proprietor admits she’s been criticized for her aptness regimen. “Many people will contend it’s diseased or that we am spiteful my baby, though all is ideal as we am now during a 20lb weight gain,” she explains. “With my initial son, we worked out as good and we finished adult gaining 30lbs.”

She adds: “It used to impact me, though over time we grew a fortitude and satisfied that we can possibly lay there and listen to a negativity from people who have no thought about my pregnancy or my body, or we can let it go and not consider twice about it and only keep doing what works for me.”

Something else that works for Cooper? Not counting calories. “I feel that if we listen to your body, it will tell we all we need to know,” she tells Us. “I am some-more loose a second time around as we know to trust my physique with eating purify and sportive regularly.”

Cooper customarily cooking healthy, however. For breakfast she chows down on possibly banana-nut oatmeal or eggs, bacon and toast. Lunch is mostly duck or salmon filet, while her favorite cooking is a homemade chipotle duck burrito bowl. She’ll spasmodic provide herself to a dish during The Melting Pot, too.

The second-time mommy-to-be didn’t always have such a healthy attribute with food. As a teen, she grown an eating commotion after being picked on for her weight. “It has been a work in progress, though we am most some-more assured about who we am and how we demeanour — generally with a small lady on a way,” she says. “I never wish her to go by a things that we went by as a child and teenager. we have widen marks, we have cellulite, and we know that we am not ideal and that we never will be — that’s totally okay.”

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