Pregnant Mom Diagnosed with Brain Cancer Days After Adopting Three Girls

Credit: Courtesy of Phil Vaillancourt

When Kim Vaillancourt was 20 weeks pregnant, she and her father of 15 years, Phil, adopted 3 sisters after 3 years of fostering them. The Buffalo, New York–based integrate were over a moon. “This was such a joyous time for a family,” Phil tells Us Weekly. But on Christmas Day 2015, only 48 hours after expanding their brood, Kim began pang from agonizing headaches. She suspicion they were migraines. But it was something distant worse. On Dec 27, MRI tests suggested tumors on a left frontal lobe of Kim’s mind and her mind stem. 

Kim underwent 8 hours of medicine to have a tumors private on Dec 29. And that is when a Vaillancourt family perceived harmful news: Kim was pang from Grade 4 glioblastoma, a singular and assertive form of cancer.  

Phil, 37, told internal new hire WGRZ they trust their unborn child is obliged for saving Kim’s life.

“If it wasn’t for a baby, she substantially would’ve never left to a sanatorium with her serious headache and nausea,” he said. “And she would’ve laid in bed meditative it was a flu, and she would’ve presumably not been here today. We really feel that God put that baby in her for a reason; flattering most to save her life.”

The mom of 5 is approaching to broach her small child Wyatt Eli — meaning: dauntless soldier sent from God — on Apr 25. Though a life outlook of a chairman with her diagnosis is some-more than a year with treatment, and 6 to 8 months for those but — Kim has selected no chemotherapy or deviation until her baby can be safely delivered. For now, a devise is for Kim to have an MRI each dual weeks. 

“As prolonged as a scans come behind ‘clean,’ we are sanctified with another day that baby child Wyatt can grow,” Kim tells Us Weekly. “Wyatt gave me a chance, and we am going to give him a chance.”

While Kim tells Us that she is “at peace,” a stay-at-home mom admits her illness has combined some disharmony in a Vaillancourt household. Phil, who is employed as a comparison upkeep workman in a Town of Tonawanda’s wastewater diagnosis plant, has stepped up.

“Phil has taken over,” she reveals. “He is doing a good job. But, we are all still in transition.”

Also pitching in with a chores: biological children Ryan, 12, Hailey, 11, and newest family members Kamila, 10, Josie, 7, and Charlie, 6. Their daughter Josie was innate but arms or legs.

“We live by a faith. We trust in God completely,” Kim says. “I am stable possibly way. we will go home with Jesus or we will be here with my father and kids.”

Family crony Jenna Koch has set adult a GoFundMe comment to lift income for Kim’s medical bills and other expenses. Words of support can be sent to

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